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Our Rock Bands and POP Acts are right up to the minute and cover all the latest pop tunes if required. They all rehearse regularly and scour the charts for the most popular and uplifting tracks to unleash on the night. Rock bands are still hugely popular in this country and there is room for them all, however every now and then a few come along that can give you goose bumps when they start to play. We are lucky to represent the very best in the country and can arrange for you to go and see for yourself.

If all you need is looking through our roster of amazing Rock & POP wedding bands Ireland check them out below and choose what suits your style!

Jacob koopman singer Audionetworks

Jacob Koopman

  Jacob Koopman One minute into singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran and the crowd does something amazing! * 14,491,999 views One minute into singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran and...
Glitterbugs Band Corporate Party Band

Glitterbugs Band

Glitterbugs Band The Glitterbugs Band has been wowing Irish audiences with an energy and passion that has kept them at the very top of their game for many years...
Rattle And Hum

Rattle And Hum

R A T T L E A N D H U M Rattle And Hum are “The Finest Tribute Band on the Planet” – Hotpress”It’s no easy gig being...
The Big Noise Band

The Big Noise

Hi Guys, You have to check out this brand new,  hot off  the shelf live 10-piece band called… THE BIG NOISE! This is going to be the hottest live...
Dead Ringer 80's Eighties Party Band

Dead Ringer 80’s Eighties Party Band

Dead Ringer 80’s Eighties Party Band Dead Ringer 80’s Eighties Party Band is the real deal when it comes to the ’80s, this not your typical tribute band. Originally...
RobotRock Band Video

RobotRock Band Video

About The RobotRock Band Video RobotRock performs live what – until now – DJs only dared to do. A live band who remix dance music’s greatest anthems to create...
Big Noise Band

Big Noise Band

The Big Noise Band are the House Band for the Iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, home to such greats as U2 and Van Morrison. These musicians understand...
Whitewater Band

Whitewater Band

Whitewater Band The Whitewater Band was established in 2002 and quickly became one of Ireland’s top bands playing major events, festivals, and venues throughout Ireland and the UK. They...