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“’Just because it’s corporate doesn’t mean it should be boring. Audionetworks Make sure your event is the one people are talking about for ages”.

Live podcast shows are massive right now and Blindboy is leading the way forward. With over 1,000,000 listeners his new live show is now available for the first time ever for Corporate and Private events. Exclusively represented by Audionetworks  – AMA we can guide you with advice on how to make it work best around your central theme.

Our Podcast Talent Department gives you the opportunity to incorporate live Podcasts into reality with your event alongside a carefully selected roster of high profile speakers of your choosing.

We are happy to help you guide you with our unrivaled experience and creative ideas. Call us now for immediate availability and an immediate quote at + 353 1 201 3660. Click Below for Videos and all the different types of Shows you can book right now.



About Blindboy Blindboy’s increased notability away from his band Rubberbandits, has allowed for him to explore wider avenues and create perhaps outrageously mind-altering brainchildren which can only be described...