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Daft Punk Tribute

Daft Punk Tribute

About Daft Punk Tribute Introducing Ireland’s newest, most exciting act for Festivals, Nightclubs, Corporate Events, or Private Parties. Looking for something completely different and unique? Daft Punk Tribute Live@Gorey...
Transformer - Bumblebee from Robot Networks Bumblebee for hire with

Transformer – Bumblebee from Robot Networks

Transformer – Bumblebee from Robot Networks Watch your guests gasp in awe with the spectacular Transformer Robot, the beloved Bumblebee.   Cool Corporate Entertainment Ideas from AudionetworksWatch this video...
Robotics TEAM BUILDING Show Robots with


Robotics TEAM BUILDING Show Robot Networks Interactive Displays, Team Building, Robotics Kits, Exhibitions, Workshops and Lectures. Hands on fun filled workshops with robotics kits for the classroom. We supply...
StarTroopers (StormTroopers)

StarTroopers (StormTroopers)

StarTroopers (StormTroopers) The StarTroopers innovative concept is based on the famous StormTroopers – however, this act has a unique spin. Choose from a variety of performances from the StarTroopers...