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Star Wars is not going away any time soon, it seems to be growing in popularity and reaching an even wider audience.

All members of the family young and old, both male and female get a great kick out of the Star Wars characters as they make suprise appearances around the country at corporate events and private parties. Take advantage of our special pre summer packages and get Lord Vader and his Storm Troopers in for meet and greet and selfie duties.

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Han Solo's co-pilot has often been described as a walking carpet but in fact he is a gentle giant.

Chewie is fantastic looking with his super long hair and is the perfect accompaniment for the Storm Troopers or Darth Vader. Kids are not frightned of Chewbacca, it's the opposite in fact as they realise that it's Han Solos best friend standing directly in front of them.

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This real super hero is back in the movies right now and is very much in the public eye as he takes on Superman.

Here is a chance for you to hire in the real Batman for you corporate event or private party and Standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall he makes for an impressive super hero have around. His bat ears and cape are simply superb but the only accessory that is missing is the batmobile.

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When Lord Vader enters the room jaws drop, he is such a recognisable character and when combined with his Storm Troopers the visual effect is simply thrilling.

At 6 foot 6 inches he is imposing and realistic loooking, guests will be genuinely amused and just a little nervous when he approaches. Darth Vader is a very famous character and brings the Star Wars theme to a whole new level as he takes to the floor.

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