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Drummers for Hire

Are you looking for some incredible Drummers for your next event? We have links with some of the World's top players that organize Drum and percussion shows. Always delivering that WOW factor along with high energy and always interactive, making Drums a great addition for any Street parade or corporate event, or even as entertainment during halftime at a Sports Stadium. Have a look at the videos below and call us on + 353 1 201 3660 for some friendly advice with immediate Quotes and availability.

Rhythm and Beats Drummers for hire

The Rhythm and Beats Drummers are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors, their live show is designed to enthrall and entertain with dynamic captivating drumming. They are Ireland's top rhythm...

The Drum Club: The Spoken Word

Check out their videos and contact us to book Drum Club: The Spoke Word. Enjoy an evening of drum beats and an eccentric show of visuals and sounds. An...
drummer and dj combo for hire corporate events

Drummer & DJ Duo

Drummer & DJ Combo I know what you are thinking... A Drummer and a DJ ???   How could you possibly combine these two very different elements of...
Wow factor entertainment

Japanese Drummers

 Japanese Drummers Internationally renowned taiko drumming group, ʻWadaiko Tokaraʼ from Japan introduces an all new concert called “Kazakoshi (Mountain Wind), a new production touring 12 countries throughout the world...
Celtic Drummers For Hire_Audionetworks

Celtic Drummers

The Celtic Drummers are ideal for events, team building, unusual entertainment for product launches, and corporate events. They are the perfect way to deliver that magical moment or as...