Wedding entertainment: Sax & DJ Duo
Wedding entertainment: Sax & DJ Duo

Looking to keep your party alive after your Bands performance?

Check a review plus a simple Q&A paired with some amazing videos of our popular Sax and DJ Duo. If you have any further questions let our team Suzy, Faye and Sara guide you to get the best entertainment for your special day!
I had the Sax and DJ Duo playing at my wedding and talk about keeping the party alive!!!!
I had been to a couple of weddings in the last year and the DJ’s really struggled to keep the party going,
after the bands lively performance, so I decided to add a bit of wow factor to my DJ booking, and it was worth its weight in gold!
Before I knew it, all of my guests were back up on that dance floor, circling the Sax Player as if he was a celebrity,
and dancing like their life depended on it.
The chemistry and collaboration between the Sax and DJ, regarding their play list was on point.
They also took any request that was sent their way, which showed the standard of artists we were dealing with.
Cannot recommend this act enough!


What do I get?

If you book the Duo you will get a professional Sax Player and a Professional DJ picked by our experienced team. The DJ will bring all equipment necessary, PA Sound System & Lighting.

How do I Book?

Get in touch with one of our bookers through 012012660 or email, make sure you inform the team of your venue and date.

How does it work?

The Sax and DJ Act works for any stage of your wedding, you can book the Duo for your Drinks Reception, During the meal or even as the main entertainment. The Setlist is fully customisable to your taste and to suit your guests.

How long is the set?

A normal Set is 2 hours as the Sax Player wouldn't be able to play for longer than that, however we can adjust the DJ's Set to be longer if that what suits your wedding.

Another great idea is to book our Sax, Dj and Drummers Trio or even the Drummer and DJ Duo!