Wedding Bands in Cork

Audio Networks is a nationwide booking agency specialising in Wedding Bands and Corporate Acts, as well as Alternative Wedding Entertainment. We pride ourselves on our knowledge gathered over the past 25 years and can confidently say we offer out only the best in Wedding Bands in Cork, enabling you to experience an extravagant once-in-a-lifetime party. Our Team happily assists you in finding your perfect band in Cork.

Top Cork Performing Wedding Bands

Please do let us in on your vision of your Ideal Cork Wedding and we’ll make sure to deliver spectacular musicians on your unforgettable day!

The Firm Wedding Band

1: The Firm Wedding Band Cork

The Firm Band are comprised of some of the best and well known musicians Ireland has to offer, with a unique blend of quirky hits old and new is the perfect accent to any event.

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Paddy Sherlock's Paris Swinging Lovers LIVE at the Coolin Paris

2: Paris Swinging Lovers Irish Wedding Band

The Paris Swinging Lovers are a truly international phenomenon, not only playing regularly throughout Ireland.

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4: The Funky Buskers

The Funky Buskers are a Supergroup of incredible talent with Profile Artists featuring windmil lane profile Musicians from the Home of U2 recordings.

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Buck Taylor, Live on Tubridy

7: Buck Taylor

Originating from Louisville, Kentucky (USA), Buck Taylor was raised a musician in a home environment thronged with musical influences.

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Midnight Revellers

8: The Midnight Revellers Irish Band

The Midnight Revellers are a LIVE party and Dublin based wedding band, performing a wide variety of hits.

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The Havana Club Trio & Latin Band

9: Havana Club Trio

This Latin Walkabout Band is Straight from Havana Cuba and performing a steeped latin mix of classic hits and salsa music.

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Wedding Bands Cork

shutterstock_298709606Combining our passion with our experience makes our agency a unique contact which you can rely on will provide you with excellent customer service and quality entertainment acts for an always cost-effective price. Whatever your preferences on your big day, never hesitate to voice it, our bands would like to transform your nuptials into a magical and personal experience just as much as we do. Hit us with your song requests and also any other requirements, wishes & dreams you may long for to be turned into reality!

Whether you and your bride or groom hope for a fun party band or one that is of a more idyllic nature, a Cuban Walk about act or a stunning show by the famous Diva Singing Waiters – Audio Networks got it! And More! If you are thinking of bringing something truly original to Cork and have your guests awe-stricken, just take a look at our 8 feet tall Robot-TED, the striking Bumblebee and our acrobats such as the CYR Wheel Gymnast and Digital Fire Dancers. Cork will never have seen a wedding just quite like it and your friends and family will talk about your special day for a long time to come, with exciting smiles affixed onto their faces.

fter a successful but long day, your guests and of course yourselves are eager to wind down and let loose with an excellent entertainment group, or perhaps before the party you are looking to recharge for the night ahead with something a little different. Weddings often bring together people that may not necessarily know each other, so with an icebreaker ahead over dinner, just before hitting the dance floor The Diva Singing Waiters. A wonderful surprise act offering stunning vocals and harmonies, as well as laughter will be perfect to cut the first turf amongst the strangers at your Wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life and we are honoured you chose us to share it with you.

So you're getting married in Cork?

10612683_828351590519316_7820653300787913706_nSo you're getting married in Cork, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and your now looking to hire a wedding band. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when booking your entertainment. Before you event start to think about what style of music you like it is best to decide on your budget, what exactly do you have to spend on the band? A serious factor to consider is do you get a Dublin band to drive down or do you use a local act? Travel expenses can add up and it might not be worth your while to get a Dublin crew in at all.

It's not a question of talent, Cork has a massive list of brilliant and professional Wedding Bands at your disposal and all based locally. Your budget will be potentially affected if you choose to use a non Cork based act, it depends on a few factors. Travel time to Cork takes a lot of time, PA system and lighting hire along with the journey home at 2 AM all play a part in brining the costs up. Most Dublin bands have a set travel fee and depending on the size of the venue can bring along a suitable PA system and sound engineer, however if you use a Cork based PA supplier this can help with lowering the costs, just ensure it's not the cheapest option and includes a decent sound man who knows what he is doing.

Not sure what type of music you want played?

Most people opt for a general party mix, some like Swing & Jazz and others like the Latin or Traditional vibe. The safe bet is the popular mix of new well known hits and a selection of tried and tested older tracks. Music that is suitable for all ages and does not go too heavy into rock and roll is better for mixed crowds as a whole. The music of the 90s has gone through the roof this year is is so popular right now that you must insist that your wedding band has a few 90s tracks lined up. A good music agency will have suitable acts in any county in Ireland that can play any style you desire. All the Wedding Bands Cork can perform a selection of hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and all the other styles you could ever need. Audio Networks is well established in Cork and has a list of budget and bespoke entertainment options available to hire in any musical style in County Cork.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Cork-based clients

Will the band perform my first dance? Or will they just play it off an iPod?

They will perform it live if they all know it, but most bands will not go and reherse it. They are usually happy enough to make the announcment and play your chosen track through their system using a phone or laptop. This works for most people as it's actually quite a lot of work for a band to learn and reherse a new track. They would have to spend extra time in a rehersal room to learn the music. All of this can be worked out well in advance of the wedding so it's not really an issue.

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