Top 10 Unique Ideas for Alternative Wedding Entertainment

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10 Ideas for Unique Wedding Entertainment 2016

We are all constantly trying to make ourselves unique, alternative, and able to stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some of my top tips that may help guide you in your quest for the unusual for your wedding music or drinks reception. Be bold.. be different, and make your wedding the one they all talk about. Create your Party with Unique Entertainment Options. Why ?…Cause it was different, not the same old boring, tea and sandwiches style affair.

Ireland's leading Diva Singing Waiters at the Powerscourt Hotel

01 | Opera Singing Waiters!

Looking for something completely different and unique, the perfect after-dinner act that’s fun, interactive and the act that will leave your guests standing on their seats, book the award-winning BEST ENTERTAINER FOR 2012, as voted by the Event Industry Ireland, and look at The Opera Singing Waiters.

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Silent Disco, Governors Ball

02 | Silent Headphone Disco!

How about a silent disco for the kids in the afternoon and then the adults at night. Perfect for anyone having a party at home. Check out the videos, its fun, its interactive, and definitely different.

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Star Wars Style - Star Troopers For Hire

03 | Funky Mad Greeting Hosts… in StormTrooper Costumes!

Treat your husband to be, with something he will never forget. 2 x Star wars style ”Storm Troopers”. We love them, he will love them and he will never stop thanking you for booking this on your wedding day. Everyone will share the photos after the wedding on Facebook, because it was different. If this isn’t one of the top wedding entertainment acts in Ireland, then we don’t know what is!

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Dave Young Comedian

04 | Stand-up Comedy Show with Irish Comedians!

Live comedy is massive in Ireland for the past ten years, yet you rarely see it at a wedding, book a comedy act for just after the meal, to help get the party started, don’t try and make them do 2 x hours just go for 30 minutes make it sharp and then move on to the next act. Joe Rooney or Dave Young is great fun easy to deal with and always deliver.

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05 | Bring Rio to Ireland: Latino Music & Salsa Dance Show!

Latin Music, Salsa Dancers, fun, alternative wedding music with a bang! Get your guests involved in salsa dances and jump into photos with our fully costumed Mardi Gras Dancers for a night you will never forget.

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06 | Original Irish Artists!

Instead of tribute and cover bands why not go for a stand-alone original Artist, for some cool ideas check out AMA Music Agency Ireland and Wedding Bands Ireland.

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07 | Flamenco Duo & Entertaining Spanish Dancers!

Now when is the last time you saw a flamenco dancer at a wedding, back the dancer up with a Spanish flamenco guitarist and you have the perfect duo, perfect as an after-dinner act or for drinks reception entertainment?

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Japanese drummers TaiseiyoTaiko2013

08 | Spectacular Drummer Show!

Why not use welcome drummers for that WOW factor intro to the room for this first time as Mr. and Mrs. instead of the old school piper?

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Audionetworks | Irish Dancers

09 | Irish Dance Style Show!

Looking for an Irish theme or twist, before or after the meal entertain your guests with a short 20 minute set of Irish Dancers, and bring a small part of that Traditional Irish Dance feeling to your wedding day.

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fourplay djs live in Central Park Galway

10 | Hire Unique Wedding DJs that make a difference!

Not looking for a wedding DJ? Looking for a cool, fresh funkier style DJ? Be uber-cool: Daft Punk Tribute DJs or book a DJ Set like Fourplay (4x DJs), a radio DJ, female DJ, Mouse Head DJ (Deadmau5 Tribute), StormTrooper Duo DJs, Electric Eddie… we got ’em all!

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More Unique Wedding Ideas & Wedding Entertainment!

Why Opt for Unique Wedding Entertainment?

digital-fire_audionetworks_booking_agency_irelandThe conventional is not for everybody.

Some people want to live, dress, and enjoy themselves in different ways than the average Joe. And when it comes to your wedding, we are here to help.

Our top-tier performers – ten of them listed above, and an extra 5 listed below – are always ready to deliver a crazy good experience to your attendees, guaranteeing the memorability of your wedding for more than just your close relatives.

Let’s take the Silent Headphone Disco idea for example. 99% of your guests have certainly never been in one, and giving them the chance to experience this unique type of entertainment will ensure their happiness throughout the night. It can take place anywhere as long as there is enough room for your guests to dance, and you don’t have to be concerned about the two major deal-breakers when it comes to wedding music: the noise level in the neighborhood and the fact that not everybody enjoys the same genres of music.

The headphones are snug and comfortable for both the kids and the adults, and the DJ can run multiple channels of music. It’s impossible for someone to not find one to their liking!

Even if you want to go for a live band such as The Firm or The Funky Buskers, you can still hire the Silent Disco gear for the little ones – they can listen to their favorite young artists while the rest of the party enjoys some refined notes from the performers.

Traditional Irish Wedding Entertainment – Another Excellent Choice

From Irish bands to Irish dance shows and comedy acts with an Irish theme, you can book anything through us. How many times have you been to weddings that you did not actually enjoy as much due to the repetitive cycle of drinking, dancing a bit, and chatting with your bored tablemates? It happens.

But it won’t happen if, in the middle of the party, a comedian like our very own Dave Young steps on the stage and starts an original routine? Maybe one on marriage or on “life with kids”. Maybe sharing some humorous stories of their own past love life or dates that failed in a comical manner. Who knows? It will be a surprise for all.

Don’t forget about dance shows! After 2 hours of dancing and 6 of heavy drinking, your guests might be reluctant to hit the dance floor again – but our Irish dancers can hop right on it and bring a dash of tradition and Irish beauty to your lovely wedding night!

A Favorite Unique Wedding Idea: Robot Hosts!

Robot_Networks_Bumble-bee_Robot_Weddings_Audionetworks_agency_dublinNobody actually wants to be the host at a wedding – not wholeheartedly anyway! It can be boring, it can get old quickly after welcoming the fourth set of distant cousins and aunts from abroad that nobody ever knew existed.

Sit back and relax. We have trained robots to do this for you.

Well, not quite. They are not actual robots, they are humans who can fake it really well. Our Star Troopers, for example, are guaranteed to take your wedding by storm! The kids will hang out with them and take selfies or play on Robot-TED’s integrated iPad, instead of running around the tables and knocking glasses down. Less spilled drinks, less stained dresses, and pants – more happiness for everyone!

Is Unique Wedding Entertainment Expensive?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t have to be.

It depends on your act, party size, and special requests, but unique wedding entertainment can be as affordable as conventional entertainment types. We do everything we can to satisfy every single need of yours, and we know that the budget is a major one for most young lovers looking to get married.

Do not worry about the costs, and just contact us by phone or using the contact form to the right of the site. Our entertainment specialists,  always on call and always very happy to give you advice and more budget-oriented suggestions if that’s what you’re looking for.

If all goes well – and our team here at AudioNetworks hopes it will be so! – you will only get married once. So you should make sure your wedding is exactly how you dreamt it. Exactly how you and your partner always wished it to be. It will be memorable for you regardless – but we can help you make it memorable for everybody else that is involved.

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Irish Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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