How to surprise your guests? Unusual & Unique Wedding entertainment ideas

Everyone will tell you this is your big day however, you feel the need to make it unforgettable for all your loved ones. From the venue, to the food and even the decorations all will weigh in when planning your wedding day, however if you really want to have the wedding party of the year booking a unique entertainment package is the way to go. People may talk about your venues location, or your decoration, for weeks after your wedding, but what they will remember for years to come is how much fun they had dancing to that amazing party band.

Keep reading for a few simple pointers on how to make your wedding day unforgettable:

1. Ceremony:

The ceremony is all about you, these are the memories you will treasure forever. Whether is a Church Ceremony or Civil Ceremony the music should portrait you as a couple, it only has to make sense to you both. So, if you want to walk up the aisle to the sound of Europe or Jurassic Park Theme song by all means do! Whatever music brings all the memories of your time together is the perfect music for your wedding ceremony.


Boombastic - Pop Up

6-piece acoustic Brass Band fully portable

Jazzy Duo


Star Wars fan? Just check the video!

The Star Wars Wedding of Lydia and Mark in Dublin with www.rob...

What happens when Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers show up at a wedding ceremony?

Posted by Robot Networks Ireland on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2. Drinks Reception:

At this stage of your wedding you will want your guests start mingling to set out the right mood for your Party after the meal. The entertainment should be a welcome/greet type of act. Plus, the music shouldn’t be so overpowering that your guests have to shout to make conversation. The choices are: go for a sophisticated intimate background act or go for a corky unusual acoustic act. If you want to kick up a notch, there are also other types of entertainment you can add to your drinks reception music.

Havana Club Trio

Acoustic Latin Walkabout act

Storehouse Duo

Singer and Guitar Trad Duo

Blue Note Jazz

3. Wedding Entertainment During the Meal:

Although most people neglect this stage, there are some lovely surprise acts you can have during the meal or right after. Any walkabout act starting right after the meal, making sure they walk around for long enough to reach every table fits like a glove on your reception schedule. However, there are a few other surprise options that can help keep all the smokers and wanderers in the room while you wait for the band to start:

Singing Waiters

Rhythm & Beats Drummers

High Impact Surprise Act

Irish Dancers

Choreographed Interactive Irish Dancing

4. Wedding Bands:

Not much to say here, I think we all understand the importance of booking a professional experienced wedding band. The cover band of your choosing can make or break your party (no pressure!) so make sure to research, check out showcases and their Facebook page is also good intel to what they’ve been doing.


Check out some of our most seasoned Party bands:

The Firm

5-Piece Party Band with Female Vocals!


Edgy modern 4-piece ensemble!

Jungle Boogie

4 or 5-piece professional party band

Party at The Back

80's Tribute Cover Band

Midnight Revellers

Versatile band - anything from Trad to Modern

5. Dj Acts:

Most weddings have the traditional Band + DJ combination for the evening entertainment. If you are feeling adventurous there are a few other cool options to have after the band. The trend at the moment in Ireland is having an instrument player jamming with a DJ, this works really well. If you are Party Animals, and curfew is not a word in your vocabulary, the Silent Disco is the way to go!


Silent Disco

Daft Punk Tribute

International Tribute Live DJ Act

Sax & DJ Duo

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