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Duet Justice - Violin Duo 2pc

Duet Justice – Violin Duo

Duet Justice Violin Duo Duet justice featured Two incredibly high Profile Violinists Aoife and Camille to bring an Inexpensive, contemporary flair to classical music by combining the old with...
Blue Note Jazz Trio for hire

Blue Note Jazz Trio

Blue Note Jazz Trio This incredible Jazz Trio has a stellar pedigree featuring the vibrant Female Jazz Singer Emma Nicolai backed up by the percussive sounds of Wayne Sheehy...
Suitable Saxes

Suitable Saxes

Suitable Saxes – a truly incomparable Saxophone quartet! Suitable Saxes, Based in Dublin, are Ireland’s most versatile musical ensemble. A saxophone quartet with a hugely eclectic repertoire, we can...
Paul Byrom - Crossover Tenor

Paul Byrom – Crossover Tenor

Paul Byrom – Crossover Tenor Bio Paul Byrom – Crossover Tenor is often hailed as one of Ireland’s premier tenors. The Dublin-born tenor has been in the music industry...