StarTroopers (StormTroopers)
Greeting Hosts for Hire

stormtrooper costume party hosts

StarTroopers (StormTroopers)

The StarTroopers innovative concept is based on the famous StormTroopers – however, this act has a unique spin.

Choose from a variety of performances from the StarTroopers for your next corporate event, private function or wedding celebration, including DJ shows, greeting hosts & unique entertainment, flashmobs and more.

Robot Networks robots for hire, meet and greet for fun days and corporate events

This fresh entertainment idea is sure to bring in new clients and will serve as the latest, most exciting acts and greeting hosts for Stadiums, Shopping Centre Launches, Corporate Events and even Conferences.

Robot Characters for Corporate Events and official openings!

Do check out all of our electrifying robots and ideas, because each and every single one of them are a spectacle to experience, providing your guests with a first hand sci-fi feel sure to excite!

Robot Networks having fun with Star Wars


Star Wars Style - Star Troopers For Hire
The Star Troopers entertaining at the CityNorth Hotel's Family Day

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