Making a statement right from the start of your Corporate Event and also your Private Function is a sure fire to enlighten everyone’s mood and set the tone for the evening ahead – exciting your guests with visually stunning entertainment acts and promising an unforgettable night.

With the right Corporate Walkabout Entertainment you needn’t worry about latecomers nor a bored guest, as our one-of-a-kind walkabout performers do as suggested and walk the room, assuring an entertained crowd with smiles on their faces, anticipating what may be yet to come.

Take a look below to find Audio Networks recommendation of 10 x Fresh NEW Walkabout Ideas for Corporate Events and please feel free to pick up the phone to call our friendly staff if you should have any questions on how to book our Unique Walkabout Entertainment Options +353-1-201-3660, alternatively simply fill in your details via our Contact Form.

Robot-TED ( include your logo as a visual )

Robot-TED is going Christmas Shopping!

Digital Fire POI ( no flames – no danger. )

Digital Fire Art, Robot-TED & Bumblebee with Audio Networks


Singing Waiters Ireland ( a vocally tremendous addition )

Irish Singing Waiters LIVE at Druids Glen

Walk-about Violinist ( choose from many styles to suit your event theme )

Lotta Virkkunen -Violinist-

Latin Walk About Act ( invite some Cuban flair )

The Havana Club Trio (Live)

STAR WARS style Greeting Hosts ( It’s back !!! and you can have it too )

Star Wars Style - Star Troopers For Hire

WOW Drummers ( Leading clients from the entry to the room )

Rhythm & Beats - The Audionetworks Drummers

DJ & SAX ( combine a DJ with a LIVE music aspect )

Saxophone Player & DJ Combo

Dynamo Style illusionist ( mesmerise your guests )

Steve Spade Magician to the Stars

CRY Wheel – Cirque du Soleil Style performer

CYR Wheel Acrobat with Audio Networks


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