Acrobatic Wheel

Acrobatic Wheel

About Acrobatic Wheel

Audio Networks is excited to introduce to our clientele a truly Unique Entertainment Concept, which will leave your guests breathless. If you are looking to bring something extraordinary to your Corporate Event, Wedding Celebration, Private Party or Drinks Reception our talented acrobat is just what you need to set the tone for the evening ahead. Stun your crowd with his one-of-a-kind acrobatic skills, turning gymnastics into an exciting and mesmerising high impact 5-minute show-experience.

The Cyr wheel is as simple in shape as it is in use. A device that allows the performer execute a virtually infinite number of acrobatic figures, each more complex and awe-inspiring than the last.

Once learned, mastered and used as on object of creation, the Cyr wheel becomes an extension of the body. As the wheel turns, so too does the heads of the awed spectators.

Having travelled and trained internationally honing his skills, Ronan has brought the Cyr wheel to Ireland and is available to impress your audience at first spin.Be prepared to be wowed by the balance, Impressed by its technicality, and blown away with the physicality of the Cyr wheel performed within touching distance!


CYR Wheel Acrobat with Audio Networks


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Acrobatic Wheel