DJ Latin Fox
Originally from Venezuela, " DJ latin FOX " is known for digging deep into the neighbourhood's musical roots.

DJ Latin Fox

DJ Latin Fox is one of the most Unique DJs for hire in Ireland with, as the name suggests, an added Latin flair. DJ Fox takes an ordinary DJ set and fills it with incredibly catchy tunes that will have you on the dance floor all night – showing off your salsa moves.
Including Latin favourites in his DJ set is what makes DJ Latin Fox so special and stand out from your ordinary DJs for hire for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Wedding DJ Entertainment and Private Parties, as well as your very own special occasion.

Feel like giving your Party Guests that little bit extra and something with an edge? Simply book DJ Latin Fox with us today and amaze not only your party guests, but also put a smile on your own face with this Alternative DJ.

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Originally from Venezuela, ” DJ Latin FOX ” is known for digging deep into the neighbourhood’s musical roots and serving up a new music formula for grinding on the dance floor. He is inspired by the All-Time Cuban Masters, Buena Vista Social Club, adding to it his personal touch and flavour, a renewed mix of Salsa, Reggaeton, Bachata, Cumbia and Electro-Latino which manage to live up to their name and legacy.

” DJ Latin FOX ” is on a mission to build bridges between Ireland’s various communities and the Latinos; Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians living here, all sharing and dancing his great music beats, always with a “Latin Twist”!


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