Best New Ideas for Corporate Entertainment Tribute Bands & Tribute Acts

Best New Ideas for Corporate Entertainment Tribute Bands & Acts

For most hosts, there is no better feeling than seeing your Party Guests at your Corporate Event, or Private Celebration, dance, and most of all Sing along to their favorite tunes of the bands they’ve been following for many years of their lives.. Having a band playing familiar songs  at your Event is almost as necessary as the guests

themselves – a party without good music would work just as little as a party without guests..

Are you looking for a Corporate Entertainment Act with a Celtic twang, or perhaps something a little edgier like the boys from Daft Punk and U2, maybe a Latin Flare is closer to what you are looking for? We look after Ireland’s Most selected Alternative, Traditional and International Corporate Entertainment Acts for hire and have the ideal Cover Band and Tribute Act for every themed Corporate Event.

With over 20 Years of Experience within the industry, we do not only know a thing or two about the best, most authentic, as well as most unique Cover Bands and Tribute Acts for hire in Ireland but we also pride ourselves on friendly advice and vast knowledge of every single Artist we have on our roster at Audionetworks.



80’s 90’s 00’s Tribute Band – Party at the back 

Party at the Back *Promo Video*


2.) Modern Irish Tribute Band – Molly Maguires 

The Molly Maguires, Traditional Irish Music


3.) The Commitments – Andrew Strong

Andrew Strong and David Gilmour- Hard to Handle


4.) Daft Punk Tribute  –  

Daft Punk Tribute (Live At Leixlip Festival)


5.) The Soultrain featuring Ben from Phats and Small 

Phats & Small - Turn Around (Official Music Video)


6.) Soul Tribute – James Brown Style – Buck Taylor Band

The Blues Brothers South of France with Jameson



9.) Great Gatsby Tribute ( 1920’s Music )

The Cotton Club Quartet


10.) U2 Tribute  – Rattle & Hum

U2 Tribute Band from Dublin Ireland


11.) Rock Tribute – The Funky Buskers 


Funky Buskers perform.. Superstitious

12.) Latin Tribute – Havana Club Trio

The Havana Club Latin Trio ( Promo Video )


13.) Traditional Irish Covers Band – Celtic Factor

CelticWay TraditionalBand


14.) Spanish Flamenco Duo – Guitarist and Dancer

Spanish and Flamenco Dancers from Audionetworks


We also have a super DJ + Band Deal on offer at the moment, perhaps something you may like to avail of? Just give us a call on +353 – 1- 201 3660 for a cost-effective and stress-free booking process. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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