MAMO – the ultimate Irish Trad Band
Irish Trad Music as we know it, with the added WOW Factor

MAMO - the ultimate Irish Trad Band

About MAMO

MAMO is undoubtedly the ultimate Trad Band for hire in Ireland and one that will ensure that WOW Factor at your Corporate Event, Birthday Party or even Wedding Celebration. This is one of the best Irish bands and it consists of an assemble of experienced and celebrated Irish musicians of up to 10 members – ideal for a big celebration to make that grand musical statement and leave your guests in awe, but of course MAMO can also be scaled down to suit your smaller venue and fit perfectly for an intimate Drinks Reception performance.

This exciting new Celtic Band features some of Ireland’s finest traditional musicians, which are all highly qualified and have previously performed, recorded and toured with numerous high profile Irish bands nationally as well as internationally. With Traditional Music and Acts receiving well deserved international recognition, the band took it in their stride to specialise in their beloved Irish traditional music and songs, but also like to shake it up a little by performing original material.


Trad Session with MAMO
"Anchors Away" featuring MAMO and Carol Keogh


  1. Tatter Jack Walsh.
  2. Paddy O’Brien’s Jig.
  3. Tripping Up The Stairs.
  4. Connaughtmans Rambles.
  5. Mug of Browne Ale.
  6. Kesh Jig.
  7. Rose in the Heather.
  8. Humours of Ennistymon.
  9. Old Joe’s Jig.
  10. Lilting Banshee.
  11. Geese in the Bog.
  12. Bill Hartes.
  1. Maid behind the Bar.
  2. Galway Rambler.
  3. St Anne’s.
  4. Ships are Sailing.
  5. Skylark.
  6. Sally Gardens.
  7. Tarbolton.
  8. My Love is in America.
  9. Fr Kelly’s.
  10. Drowsy Maggie.
  11. Bucks of Oranmore.
  1. Little Stack of Wheat.
  2. Boys of Bluehill.
  3. Golden Eagle.
  4. Galway Hornpipe.
  1. Marino Waltz.
  2. Tennessee Waltz.
  1. Pipes (Eamonn)
  2. Wild Geese (Air) followed by jigs (Rookery Em & Bobby Caseys G)
  3. Fiddle solo (Air)
  4. Banjo

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MAMO - the ultimate Irish Trad Band