Unique Wedding Entertainment: Silent Disco Party

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Unique Wedding Entertainment: Silent Disco Party

Are you looking to add something a little different to your wedding party? There are loads of reasons why Silent discos have really been taking off as Ireland’s most popular alternative wedding entertainment recently. We’ve put together some of the biggest upsides to hiring a silent disco kit for your big day.

1. Cost-effective

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With Silent Disco, you are the DJ! This can really save you a lot of money, especially if you’ve already splashed out on your drinks reception music or main evening band.

2. A real crowd pleaser

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Are some of your guests a bit more Miley Cyrus than Carl Cox? Not a problem. With Silent Disco, you can run 2 channels of music, meaning that everyone can get involved, regardless of their taste in music. This element also works great when you have a wide age range to cater to. People might not only be interested in different genres but different decades too!

3. No sound restrictions

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Nowadays, an awful lot of hotels and wedding venues will have a noise curfew. Usually, around 1am or 2am. If you and your guests are party animals, then this is going to be far too early to call it a night. This is where Silent Headphones really come into their own! With all the music being played through the headphones, there is very little noise heard. (Unless of course, some people decide to do a sing-a-long!) It also means that those not wearing the headphones can continue their chats, without having to deal with blaring music from speakers. Win-win!

4. Heaps of fun

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There aren’t many things as entertaining as watching your friends and family dance around with silent headphones on. To the onlooker, it can seem a bit nuts. Once you put those headphones on though, you really are sucked in by the music, and completely forget that you are essentially in a quiet room, until of course, you take them off!

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5. You’re in control

Not a big fan of what’s playing? It really is as simple as changing the playlist on your phone or laptop. You have total control over what is played, so need to have to discuss with a band or Dj..You can make the call yourself! You can even decide to take requests if you want.

For more info please click this link here or call 012013660 or email [email protected] so one of our bookers can get back to you right away! Ps…you can also check out Silent Disco Ireland for smaller rental hire kits here.