Top 9 Videos of The Best Christmas Party Entertainment Acts

Top 9 Videos of The Best Christmas Party Entertainment Acts

Christmas Parties the Audio Networks way

Allow for your 2017 Christmas Bash to reach its full potential with not one guest sporting a yawn or headed for the exit prematurely. Experience that coveted festive magic roaming through the air during the colder months and create your very own Winter Wonderland incorporating our enchanting entertainers who breathe the jolly season.

Mesmerise your party guests right from the start by greeting each at the entrance with striking humanoid robots, who will lead them into an unforgettable night of colour, sound and laughter.
A vocally stunning yet hilarious set by the renowned surprise act the Diva or Opera Singing Waiters (depending on your preference in musical journey throughout the night) will set just the right tone for your Christmas celebrations ahead.


Robot-TED is going Christmas Shopping!

Diva Waiters

Christmas Diva Waiters in Ireland

Opera Waiters

Opera Singing Waiters sing La Traviata LIVE

With the room in high spirits and the sound of enjoyment reaching even the lone single grinch that snuck into the room, invite to your XMAS-DO our glittering walk about act adding a sprinkle of Cuban spice, The Havana Club Trio - The Three Wise Men.
Now it’s time for a floor filler, one that will gravitate your crowd to the dance floor playing not only the best in popular music but also everyone’s beloved Christmas jingles with a touch of rock.

Three Wise Men

The Havana Club Trio (Live)

Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks sing Purple Rain (Prince)

Our fabulous entertainment acts exude creativity and innovativeness and have all honed their skill within the music and entertainment industry by performing in front of a variety of people for very different occasions, may it have been an exclusive ball, an award ceremony, a birthday jamboree, wedding receptions or corporate events - they have done it all and that shines through which each uniquely tailored performance.

To ensure the most memorable Christmas party imaginable, finish off with the electrifying, internationally respected Daft Punk Tribute Duo, the artistic Sax & DJ combo or the great laugh that is a Silent "Night" Headphone Disco.

Daft Punk Tribute

Daft Punk Tribute perform LIVE

Sax & DJ

Sax Player and DJ Combo

Silent Disco

Silent Disco, Governors Ball

Audio Networks endeavours to create excitement the moment your first guest steps foot into your extravagant winter festivity until the last dance move thrown by the party queen or king.

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