Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars Wedding

Can you have a Star Wars wedding that looks elegant and romantic? Yes! Mark and Tania threw the chicest geeky-themed wedding ever!  Which by the way was the bride’s idea and not the groom’s (which makes it even more amazing). If walking down the aisle or walking you into the room as newly wedding or even a Storm Trooper Dance Off.

Robotnetworks has got your Back to help you with any Star Wars Themed Wedding!

Star Wars Wedding


1. What Star Wars Characters are available?

The most popular characters are the Troopers, however, we have a few more options available to suit your taste. We have a Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2D2, and a Jedi to add to the party. There’s also the possibility of building up a package.

2. What stage of the wedding can the Star Wars Characters perform at?

This is totally up to you, if your dream is to have Darth Vader walk you up the aisle, or have a trooper for your “getting ready” photo shoot all is possible. We have organized a few Star Wars Themed weddings so if you don’t already have a set idea of what you, we are delighted to help you figure out the best moment for the characters to show up. Whether is Ceremony, the Drinks Reception or the Party these are the perfect hosts to entertain your guests.


3. How do I book it?

This will most probably be the easiest task on your wedding to-do list. Just give us a call, email, or contact here with the name of the venue and the date of your wedding so we can check availability and send you a quote. The rest is organized by our lovely team that will send you a contract to secure the date.

4. What do I get?

The standard package includes a 50 min meet and greets with your guests of the character of your choice, however, all packages are fully customizable to your special day.

To book a Star Wars Wedding Get in touch here for friendly advice on +353 (0)1 201 3660 or email [email protected]