Quick Guide to Amazingly Hot Irish Wedding Bands for 2022

A guide to The best alternative Irish wedding entertainment for 2020

Quick Guide to Amazingly Hot Irish Wedding Bands for 2022

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  4. New Cool Ideas for Drinks receptions 
  5. Tribute Acts 


Hi Everybody I hope all is well and you are surviving after all of the fallout of COVID. As somebody who’s worked professionally as a drummer, and a DJ for over 20 years within the music industry both at an original level and as a commercial musician, I get asked a lot of questions all the time for advice about what are some of the top New Music trends or Irish Wedding bands to book for a wedding. 

It’s no surprise that you might feel like your running around in circles with too many options and not enough advice from people who know about entertainment, hey it’s usually your first time ever booking entertainment, and boy can it be a minefield.

We’ve all been there—it never seems easy, so why not check out our list of Wedding band ideas below. With so much choice, so many websites, so many socials, it can get complicated and also cluttered. 

When you’re trying to work out which band works best for you based on your budget and style. With this in mind, I felt it could be a good idea to give you some insights into how we look and book, some of the leading Irish Wedding Bands in Ireland and let you in on a secret on the best bands worth looking at for your wedding day 2022, 2023 and onwards! 

Alongside themes and styles of music that they perform this wedding blog may help you incorporate some of the entertainment ideas into your wedding plans, or help you in creating your own personal music theme. 

There are some really awesome bands in Ireland right now. Without a doubt, the standard of musicians playing is really high. No matter what Hotel, Bar, Club, Social club you go to you will always find brilliant Irish musicians performing on any given night.


In my opinion, the perfect music mix for a wedding party is a great party Band with a Professional and experienced DJ for after the meal, and if you can afford it drop in some drinks reception entertainment to keep the flow of the day.

It’s massively essential to keep the mood going and to really give it a good kick. It’s always great to have some after-dinner entertainment to add a little spark that elicits a real… wow factor. 

Increasing the energy levels going into the room is always a good plan in fact it’s essential, as it sets the tone for the party. After a long day, after starting at seven am or 8 am in the morning after a big full meal, people can get tired fast, and then they want to chill out, so you can very easily lose the momentum of the wedding guests and they drop away to recline on the sofas. and talk.





A great idea is to consider booking some after-dinner entertainment for 20 or 30 minutes. Look at Unique Acts like the secret undercover singing waiters, the opera singing waiters, the diva singing waiters, or why not try the Celtic drummers Show with Dancers from Audionetworks which is a brilliant way of delivering high energy and real wow factor. In my experience, it’s a great band for your back as just after the meal guests can get very lazy and with acts like these, you keep the momentum. 

If you’ve got guests coming over from America and abroad, it’s always nice to add in some Irish dancers, a simple little show for 20 to 30 minutes can be a great way of incorporating your Irish heritage, at the right price..

It’s your wedding and booking a real dynamic and unique after-dinner act, in my opinion, after gigging for 20 years, plus performing in nearly every single hotel and venue, I do feel that it’s a great idea to have a Party band, and DJ, as the mix of the two acts offers you all the styles of music covering all angles and all age groups.

Post-COVID Obviously, some things may change, or maybe everything might still remain the same in the same format. I would suggest a good idea is to keep focusing on Party-style teams and look at some of the top Irish Wedding bands currently booking for 2022 and 2023 right now. 

Unique 2020 Wedding Bands in Dublin and Why they stand out?


We’ve got new killer ideas to help inspire the choice of your Irish wedding band.

Here are some of my personal favorites, hot off the shelf ( lol ) 

Two of the Very big Wedding acts that get that prove massively popular every year are the FIRM As Seen on TV with Ray Darcy and the IRFU alongside The Midnight Revellers who add a bit more traditional Irish songs and new modern contemporary Chart music with an awesome female fiddle player. 



You could also look at Swing society if you’re moving towards a more jazzy style approach with that lovely loose swing and jazz feel.

Swing Society Jazz Audionetworks Agency


Or how about Fresh out of the traps ** the brand New….. up and coming Band straight out of BIMM College and the USA,  Boston music College,  Boogie Heights. Great new band, and perfect for international weddings.

Top 8 Irish wedding bands to rock your big day

If you love a bit of Indie music and some classic tunes with a more Alternative Setlist one band also made a lot of noise at the moment, which would be kickbacks. They are the kind of an alternative flair to a wedding plan, a music style. They’re a little bit edgier, they’ve got a big, big focus on their music playlist. 


The Kickbacks Irish Wedding Band

The Kickbacks Irish Wedding Band


If you want a Rock Band with a ” killers”  feel to really make for a rowdy wedding party, take a look as well at the Funky Buskers, they are a well-known group of guys who are definitely top-end musicians that perform alongside profile artists, they sometimes do these shows on the Qt when they’re not touring, with big-name acts and they will feature some of the top guys recording out of windmill lane Studios,  home of Bono + U2, Right out of where they recorded all their big hit singles. 


The Funky Buskers wedding Band


Also keeping up with the different size bands you could take a look at some drinks reception entertainment, a really cool idea would be from Cuba is the Havana Club trio. Beautiful for summer weddings. This acoustic trio, dress up in white suits and trilby hats. So they really set the mood and style for an upmarket reception, As your guests arrive at the hotel or venue, it’s always a nice way of creating that warm buzz and feeling, and this band is totally dynamic, with options to perform and sing as a walkabout table act or by performing live on a stage. 


Another cool idea, the drinks reception entertainment or even for the ceremony is to Duel Justice. 

Duet Justice - Violin Duo 2pc

The amazing duo is classically trained. Aoife Kelly is one of Ireland’s most talented and sought-after fiddle players,  recognised also by performing with the wonderful profile Irish group KILA. This acoustic duo is crossover artists that mix classical music and traditional music, along with modern contemporary themes. If you like, they can also switch from the fiddles to acoustic guitars and vocals.

The perfect entertainment idea for ceremonies, and for drinks reception …..also hot tip. When you’re looking at booking drinks reception music and ceremony music, If you book the same band, they’ll always offer you a discount. So do ask, why not you might be able to shave some euros off if you book with an agency.

This of course is one of the advantages. you’ve got the backup. You’ve got the bands, but also if you’re booking multiple acts, you’ll get more discounts for each act that you book.

Daft Punk Tribute Wedding DJ's


Believe it or not, we do quite a lot of work in London, with one of our acts called Daft Punk Tribute.  This is one of the most exported Tribute Wedding DJ acts that we’ve had in the last 10 years. This Dj Duo is a really cool idea as we all know regrettably that daft punk just split up. So why not pretend you have the real thing…. Live and alive at your wedding, definitely unique, definitely Awesome, And definitely a great value. Perfect for going late into the evening.

Speaking of late into the evening……Why not take a look also at something cool like a Silent headphone disco. You’ve got no noise issues. It’s super cool fun. It’s unique. My personal advice would be to split the DJ’s set into two parts. 

Absolutely keep your band and your DJ, the DJ does the normal set. Then just at the end of the night, say for the last hour, or hour and a half you finish your DJ set with the Silent Disco. This means you can go really late into the night because there are no noise issues. Usually, the hotel will let you go on a bit longer, plus it’s a super cool and unique wedding entertainment idea.

It’ll leave your guests talking about your wedding for many years to come. This along with things like The opera singing waiters or the diva waiters are a brilliant way of making your wedding really stand out. Right now Sax & DJ or Drummer with DJ is proving very popular for bookings in 2021 and 2022.

Some cool links to view are right here;

If your hitting the resident’s bar why not book a trad duo at midnight for a sing-along session, that will keep the party flowing all night long late into the early morning, nothing like a 4 am finish! 

We all feel it, COVID has made us all rethink how we live our lives, and what we really cherish and value, so I think, good music and great entertainers can help make us all more connected and the need for that connection can always be expressed through great music at a wedding, especially in Ireland were words folklore songs ballads, Celtic mythology, are super essential to the parts of our daily lives, handed down from generation to generation.

I really hope you enjoyed some of the advice and thoughts that we discussed. Perhaps you will find one or two little nuggets or wedding entertainment ideas that may help you when choosing your perfect wedding acts. Feel free to hit me up by mail  Or call. + 353 1 201 3660, it would be great to hear from you. Wishing you all the best on your wedding day.

Check out our Party band examples and take some inspiration for your wedding entertainment. You are sure to find something that could work for you at the right price point based on your budget, not ours.

Why not pop in and call us for a free personal one-to-one call or a personal and direct Zoom meeting face to face.  You can find us real easy at Suite 12 Parklands Office Park, Southern Cross roundabout, Bray, County Wicklow …Take care & Big Love All!


Mark Downing, is the Owner & Director of the Award Winning Agencies Audionetworks.ie plus Ireland’s Profile Original Talent Agency www.AMAMusicAgency.ie ) A former Drummer & DJ, Mark has over 30 years of experience as a Music & Entertainment Business Consultant.

These websites below are fully loaded with incredible acts and wedding music ideas; 

( Written by Mark Downing, former Drummer & DJ  & Director of Audionetworks.ie and Ireland’s profile Original Talent Agency www.AMAMusicAgency.ie )