Planning your perfect wedding entertainment 2019

Planning your perfect wedding entertainment 2019

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Now, let’s get to the dawning wedding planning details: what is your date? Once you get this sorted you can look into where do you want to have your wedding day at. Right after this, the most important question is: how will I entertain the guest throughout the whole day/evening? At this point is best to look for professional advice – don’t worry, I’ve got you.

I will list below the steps on how to nail your wedding entertainment step by step with a few recommendations:

1) Book the Wedding Band:

This is the first part of wedding music that you need to check of your to do list. I would advise you to get in touch with band/agency about a year before your chosen date at least, check availability and get costs. For this you must send an email or call with your venue and date.

Once you narrow down the list of bands that might float your boat and fit your budget to a top 10, ask for a viewing dates. Most wedding bands will have free pub gigs during week days for this purpose, you can hear their music plus meet a band member if possible.

The band will be the highlight of your wedding entertainment so make sure to choose a professional group of musicians.

In regards to the method of booking a band, I would advise to go with an agency as this way you’re guaranteed to get professional musicians as well as the security of a company backing them up.

2) Ceremony Music:

The Ceremony bit of your big day is the stage where everything is about your love as couple, all eyes will be on you and you will remember this moment for the rest of your life. There’s no need to have a big band (unless this is what you want), a lovely harpist/singer or a Singer with keyboard duo would probably be some of the most traditional options. However, this is your day, so you go as quirky as you want – from ukulele bands to latin trios, we’ve seen it all! Also, if this is what makes you happy, it will work perfectly no matter what you choose.

Usually you can get away with booking your ceremony music with 6 months in advance, however if you have a lot of particular song requests please do it which much notice possible to allow the musicians to learn the songs.

Ceremony music recommendation for 2019:

3) Drinks reception entertainment:

The drinks reception stage is the preparation for the start of the party, your guests start to mingle and drinks start to pour. At this point the music should be more of a background style, so I would advise to go with a band up to 3 piece. The regular enquiries for drinks reception are for a jazz band or a trad band, the most unusual include a Sax & DJ duo or a walkabout band.

I would definitely book the drinks reception band with at least 6 months in advance, so you can make sure to get the perfect music for you and your guests.

Drinks Reception recommendations for 2019:

4) Wedding Dj acts:

Picture your guests dancing to the bands amazing skills and music, why would you stop there? There are two options for entertainment after the band, the most usual would be a DJ, the other would be a unique act or duo. Regarding the DJ, look into having a package deal with the main band. Sometimes the band has a member who is also a DJ, this can help you keep the entertainment at a budget friendly price point.

Let’s say you have a noise curfew but you want to keep the party going, you can book a silent disco for after the DJ. What is a silent disco? – you say. Well, it’s a kit compiled of wireless headsets and two transmitters that allows your guests to keep dancing without loud music. The big appeal is that you can have two genres of music playing at the same time!

If you want to go for something different for after the band please see below a few recommendations for a 2019 wedding:

Sax, Drummer and DJ Trio getting the party going in style.

Live Saxaphone, Percussion and a top DJ can lift the roof off off any Xmas party. Contact us now on 01 2013660 for details and bookings.

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5) Unique Wedding Entertainment:

So you have all your wedding entertainment sorted and there’s still something left on the budget? Time to book some unforgettable acts! This can be anything from a surprise act, to a high impact act or a corky unique act. These unique acts can be incorporated to any stage of your wedding, from Ceremony to after the meal. It all depends on what fits in perfectly with both your taste and budget.

For the Ceremony you can look into having a pop up roaming band walk your guests from the ceremony room to the drinks reception or even a trooper or vader; for the drinks reception you can have a wonderful futuristic Digital Fire show customised to your special day; for the meal you can book the unbelievable singing waiters to do a surprise comic show and finally for after the meal you can have the celtic drummers high impact show to get the party started.

Check out some awesome recommendations below for 2019:

Chewie and Darth from

Chewie and Darth just love weddings! are the exclusive agents so get in touch if you want to arrange a super surprise for the groom.

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