10 Gorgeous & Unique Wedding Ideas Worthy of a Royal Wedding

Add a sophisticated touch to your wedding party, and impress your guests with these romantic yet exciting entertainment ideas which will make you feel like royalty. And isn't that precisely what every bride dreams of happening on their big day? Being treated like you were a part of the royal clan?

With the knowledge of sounding slightly cheesy, but picturing yourself as a princess with your stunning white dress is not just the dream of the child you once were. It still at times crawls to the forefront of your mind right now when taking on your wedding plans, travelling into the future - the day of your imminent wedding.

10 Gorgeous & Unique Wedding Ideas

You can find a quick list of the ideas below, and further down are sample video performances. Check them out.

  1. Singing Waiters Ireland
  2. Paris Swinging Lovers
  3. Havana Club Trio
  4. The Firm
  5. Vintage Boombox
  6. Digital Fire Art
  7. Cyr Wheel
  8. Violinist - Lotta Virkkunen
  9. Jazz Vocalist - Katharine Timoney
  10. The Golden Harp

Singing Waiters Ireland

With the Singing Waiters Ireland you are sure to bring that harmonic elegance to your party, however with an added surprise and 'laughter effect'. Fill the room with sublime harmonies & vocals and choose from a preferred theme, such as the classical Opera Waiters, the sassy Diva Waiters or the hilarious ABBA Waiters.

Irish Singing Waiters LIVE at Druids Glen

Paris Swinging Lovers

Imagine the pizzazz of Moulin Rouge with a sophistication that only lead singer Paris Swinging Lover Paddy Sherlock harbours within himself. Straight from Paris, this truly original swing wedding band incorporates beautiful sax tones with stylish charm and delivery.

Paris Swinging Lovers LIVE

Acrobatic Wheel

I believe any royal enjoys the pure awe striking performances by the cirque du soleil cast and our Cyr Wheel performer will bring that little bit of acrobatic magic to your honoured guests and of course to you, the bride & groom, yourselves too!

CYR Wheel Acrobat with Audio Networks

Awesome Violin Performer

Our violinist is quite special in every sense of the way. Lotta likes to experiment and make her performance something quite extra ordinary turning her violin into an instrument of many faces. Rock, punk, classic, traditional - her shows are undoubtedly one of a kind.


Havana Club Trio

Picture a summers day in the beautiful Cuba and imagine your wedding taking place on the beaches of Havana. You allow yourself to dream but unfortunately in reality it's not something you'll be able to afford. So why not bring the adored Latin sounds to your big day with the smooth Havana Club Trio.

The Havana Club Trio (Live)


What could possibly be more royal than a golden harp? The harp already a favourite instrument by many Irish is a sure fire act to set a mood for your day ahead - embodying chic & class enjoyed by young and also older, an instrument that mesmerises and also tends to inspire.

Irish Harpist for weddings and events in Ireland

Digital Fire Jugglers

Back to exciting your guests with an act you would see at a royal variety show. The Digital Fire Performers offer a genuinely visually mesmerising performance, incorporating the bride's and groom's names into their "dance" - presenting your wedding with that coveted WOW Entertainment.

Digital Fire Art with Audio Networks

Allow for yourself to dream, but most of all allow for yourself to invite that little bit of magic to your once-in-a-lifetime party bash and be as much of a princess as you'd like to be.

With our fabulous musicians and performers your day will transform into a truly original celebration and present chic as well as many fun moments.

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