Best Comedy Acts in Ireland

Ok so you have booked the band and the DJ but you want to take it up a notch for the wedding party and add some Comedy Acts to your wedding day or private party. Our roster of Irish comedians is here to help you out!

Comedy Acts are the perfect way to “break the ice“ just before the band goes on and it’s a brilliant idea for getting the party started. Many of your wedding guests may not know each other from either side and this is the perfect wedding entertainment idea to deliver standing ovations, and it brings people together, so you know have one less thing to worry about.

The Favorite Comedians of 2016

#1: Joe Rooney from Father Ted

Comedian Joe Rooney_Audionetworks

Definitely one of the funniest wedding acts in Ireland right now and great value. This guy is a pleasure to work with and really works the audience.

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#4: The Diva Waiters

Singing Waiters with Alan Downey of Aslan for hire with

As seen in The Powers court Hotel Wedding Fair, the Diva Waiters is a brand new Comedy show with 2 or 3 female Surprise Waiters running around the room and performing a selection or new and current music up to the minute delivered with great comedic style.

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#7: Robot DJs: Daft Punk Tribute


Say What? Are you mental?

Yes this is a latest new Crazy Wedding Entertainment idea for DJ’s, totally unique and sure to make your wedding party one to be remembered for years to come. Check out the Robot DJ ideas you can find online. Here is a selection of fun Robots with Comedy value where you can book directly with

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#2: Jack Wise the Comedian-Magician

Best Award for Comedy and magic

Award winning Magician and Comedy entertainer that can do a fake mask over on the groom or close up magic with comedy values. Very fast, very funny and totally unique.

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#5: Robot Networks

8 feet tall Robot-TED at Youth Citizen Awards at the RDS Dublin

How about surprising the groom and the guests with a ROBOT SHOW?

Introducing the 9feet Tall Robot from RobotNetworks, this is one way to get everyone up dancing and taking selfish to boost the Wedding Facebook posts by over 1,000%.

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#3: Fun Singing Waiters

new Diva waiters audionetworks exclusive booking agency1

We offer a great selection of fun singing waiters at all prices with over 16 different music styles catered for, they hide and move around the room as incognito waiters and then when the tea and coffee are being served they spring into action involving the bridesmaids and groomsmen, great fun and amazing interaction.

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#6: Opera Singing Waiters

Opera Singers for hire with

Opera can be fun and The Opera Singing Waiters are a brilliant idea for raising the bar.

From Classic opera tracks to Rugby Anthems or Irish Classics finishing off with everyone raising their napkins up in the air this is one show you'll never forget.

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How to find the Best Comedy Acts in Ireland for your Wedding day

A good comedian makes your wedding stand out and your wedding party will be one that’s talked about for years after due to all the laughs and fun generated on the night, In a word its money really well spent.

Finding Options for Comedians and booking the best Comedy acts for Weddings takes time and you need a team with experience. They have over twenty years’ experience in the entertainment business and can help you with creative ideas, great value acts and with a backup delivered through hundreds of Weddings, so you know it will be sorted on the night.

My advice is for you to think of the guests you have invited. Try and work them into the show so it makes the whole event kick off from the start. When the groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen here their names, complemented and called out in the show it adds to the fun element of the comedy show.


What is the Perfect Time to use a Comedy Act at a wedding?

A good question and definitely one to think of.

Well, the simple answer is, directly after the main meal is down and teas and coffee are being served. Remember your guests have been travelling all day and you want to boost their energy levels just after the meal or else they will all disappear and run out for breaks, fresh air, Smokes.

So what’s wrong with that you ask?

Well if you have a Band and DJ ready to go on stage and perform, nothing will happen for another hour or two, the room gets separated with guests spread all over the hotel bars, rooms, and the venue plus… You lose the momentum of your wedding party,

The key is to bring it up another notch with some unique wedding entertainers that deliver on stage with their live show. Once in place, this will get everyone jumping out of their seats and primed and ready for the band.

Keep it short and sweet….  twenty to thirty minutes is there perfect set for hitting that spot and then have the Party Band or your Wedding DJ standing by to jump in immediately after your comedy act has finished. This will ensure the party will jump into full swing on the night and you can relax knowing all is well.