A Guide to Interactive & Alternative Entertainment Ideas
photo of irish times paper with digital fire performer from audionetworks

The current reality in a day-to-day life is compiled of increasing screen time, decreasing attention span, high vendor competition and fast food information outlets. More than ever is important to assure that your events are meaningful and experiential. In a world of technology and innovation, where information travels faster than ever, creating a transformative event experience is the key to success.

Proper planning is crucial to create an impactful event, set on the details of its design structure.

The first important step is identifying your stakeholders: Participants, Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Influencers, Press, Staff, Board or executive teams, Donors, Funders, Suppliers, etc. Once you have a clear understanding of your stakeholders it is easier to identify the different objectives, creating attainable goals with measurable deadlines.

Afterwards, defining the budget is the next logical step, allocating it in the best way possible according to your stakeholder’s objectives.

The Entertainment is one of the best ways to create an experience hence the interactive entertainment ideas I will advise below. Nowadays social media is the new worth-to-mouth marketing, creating an experience that people want to share immediately is the best publicity you can get.

However, Social Media can be dangerous too. It is important to make sure you attend to your participants every need. If they wait in line to what will be an amazing experience, the only thing they will remember and share online is the waiting time. Therefore, there are fundamental elements to be taken into consideration before finalising the design of the event: like risk assessment, accessibility to attractions, food and drinks at easy access and correct placement, offering of all types of payment methods, etc.

The final goal here is to create an event that people have already plan to come back to next year before they actually left, so you need to build a real connection with your participants.

As stated above, we believe the entertainment is one of the main factors in creating memorable interactive events, that’s why we’ve compiled some of our best dynamic acts and bands to help you choose one suitable for your event:

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters are a proven success in any type of event, the act is fully customisable to your theme. Throughout the year the singers have developed a vast repertoire, also different types of acts, like: opera. Disney, Divas, ABBA, Christmas, Disco, Swing. The show consists of the singers to be dressed as part of the staff throughout the meal/ service and then at a previously agreed cue break into song with a dynamic, energetic and interactive show. The act is a high impact surprise experience that can adjust to any stage of your event, drinks reception, meal, buffet or even while the band is setting up.

You can check here all the details of the act!

Rhythm and Beats Drummers

The drummers perform later in the evening, the show is 15-20 minutes long, and their performance is ideal just before the band kick off.

It kills a bit of the dead air of the band setting up, and gets people out of their seats. By the time the drummers finished, everyone will be pumped!

They begin the show by marching in playing from outside, which brings the smokers/wanderers back into the room.

After this they launch into our set which has a number of routines, including exciting drumming choreography, Irish Dancing, and even audience interaction where they test your rhythm!

Irish Dancers

Our Irish Dancing Troupe established in 1996 and has proven to be one of the most successful dance troupes in Ireland, regularly performing for weddings and corporate events. Many of these dancers have performed with the Lord of the dance , Celtic Tiger, Rhythm of the Dance, Gael Force and Dance Masters. We would always recommend booking the dancers in higher numbers, as it gives more of a wow factor. Performance time for the dancers is 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of guest interactive dancing.

Check the video below to see the quality of their performance

Traditional Irish Dancers - Audio Networks


Check this video below to see the dancers interacting with the crowd.



Havana Club Trio

The Havana Club trio is a versatile genuine latin band, perfect for any drinks reception or cocktail hour. Their acoustic setup is fully portable and the playlist is filled with crowd pleasers. The act is a full energetic experience of south American sounds.

Greeting Robots & Characters for Hire

From Exhibition, Dancing to Greeting Robots for all Corporate and Private events: Trooper, Vader, Robot TED, Bumblebee, Batman…The list is endless. If you are looking to really leave a lasting impression with the entertainment this is the option for your event.

Digitla Fire Show

Our Digi Fire Performers are absolutely amazing. This brand new performance art has a few different names and is based on the art of POI, an ancient from of performance art. Digital POI, Flow Art and Light Painting are some of the more common ways of describing this dynamic performance.The show is totally safe indoors, and it can be customized with messages / images / logos to fit your event.

Silent Disco

What noise curfew? Beat the noise curfew with this futuristic entertainment option. You get all wireless headsets needed, a DJ to play your songs, and two playlists playing at the same time. Your guests can change music just by the touch of a button!

Funked Up

Funked up are the grooviest band for 2019 Events, their setlist is compiled of a mix of Funk, R&B and Dance music spanning from the 70’s up to the current music hits. This band offers both male and female vocals backed by some of the best musicians the industry has to offer.

Swing Society Band

The Swing Society is the perfect choice for any wedding or corporate event to provide that extra feeling of sophistication with their unique and upmarket Swing and Jazzy sound direct from NYC JAZZ halls , while at the same time keeping it fresh and modern with new songs reworked in a swing set. Their vast repertoire can be adjusted to a low-fi music for a Drinks Reception or a lively booster set for the main evening entertainment.

Boombastic Brass Band

The Boombastic full brass band is not tied to the corner of the room, as the drummer can use a harness for performances which makes this act fully portable. This act is perfect to surprise your guests.

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