Singing Waiters: How, Why and When?

Singing Waiters for Hire Dublin

Singing Waiters: How, Why, and When? , Time goes by so fast, we’ve just realized that our talented Singing Waiters have been in the wedding industry for at least a decade! We are so proud to say that all their hard work and talent have paid off, as they are one of the most booked undercover acts for weddings in Ireland.

These incredible + powerful, secret singers have developed the act over the years, naturally trying to customize it to each special celebration. Whether is a bride trying to surprise the groom or a friendship dedication from a close friend or family member, our personally selected singers will go the extra mile to make it totally unique for your special Day. Ps….you can also find our Diva Waiters here.

We’ve decided to give you a quick summary of what you can get with our Singing Waiters:


Sublime Singing Waiters for hire in Ireland with

Why should I book the Singing Waiters?

If all the info & videos below don’t answer these questions I don’t know what will!

Now seriously, if you are looking for a surprise element to your evening entertainment these Singing Waiters are the right choice for you. They will set the mood for the rest of the night with fun, energy and light up your room, and that a promise we make 100%.


The singing waiters also work very well as a surprise for the bride and groom, I can assure you this one they will never forget.

How does it work?

The Singers arrive before your guests with their sound engineer & equipment. They will be dressed in uniforms matching the ones on your venue, doing an amazing job blending in.

Throughout the meal they play the clumsy waiter, mingle with the guests, and try to draw some attention – so your guests keep an eye on them. The act can go as far as you want, they can even pretend to be one of your guests (if you are ready to pay for an extra meal!).

By dessert (or whatever queue you decide on) they will combine their incredible voices to WOW your loved ones. The show is highly interactive, you will see your guests singing along & dancing with our lovely singers.

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What types of Singing Waiters can we book?

The show has developed towards customization, as it made sense to make it as unique as possible to each bride and groom. They have performed to date different genres and styles like: Disney, ABBA, Swing, Divas, Opera, 80’s …and the list goes on and on. If what you are looking for is not on this list, don’t worry – they will do their best to accommodate your requests (always with the quality of the show in mind)

See below some examples of styles:

What stage of the wedding should I book them for?

In my opinion and professional experience, the undercover singers work best during the meal period or at the drinks reception. However, they keep on surprising us – Most recently they sang at a few wedding Ceremonies leaving us thinking “what can’t they do??”. If you are having an alternative reception, like a barbecue or even just different timings, I can promise they will do their best to adjust the action to fit into your special day no matter how crazy it may seem, we are here for you in any way you feel happy to work in this award-winning show.

How do I book the Singing Waiters?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Just get in touch with one of our bookers: The number is 012013660 / [email protected]