Looking for that “WOW factor” when booking Unique Performers for your Corporate Event? You have come to the right place – our five Unique Entertainment ideas include only the best Irish Acts for hire in Ireland.

With over 20 years of experience in Irish corporate entertainment we will happily and confidently advise you on a range of Premium and cost-effective Unique Acts, that will perfectly suit your corporate event or wedding party. Audionetworks stands over every one of our Unique & Alternative Entertainers, which we carefully handpicked, so that you can be assured to be getting what would be expected from Ireland’s best Award winning Entertainment Agency 2014.

1.) Silent Headphone Disco

-Unique Party Entertainment from Silent Disco-

A Silent Headphone Disco is a new and unique concept that does away with the traditional speaker systems used in nightclubs or festivals. Instead we give everyone a set of our wireless headphones to listen to the music. -> https://audionetworks.ie/djs-for-hire/silent-disco-dj-entertainment/


2.) Graffiti Classics

-Comedy String Quartet-

16 strings, 8 dancing feet and 4 voices with 1 aim: to make classical music wickedly funny and fantastically exhilarating for everyone, young and old!  -> https://audionetworks.ie/classical-music-for-hire/grafitti-classics/


3.) Daft Punk

-Tribute Act-

Daft Punk Tribute complete with full DJ set and helmets, are just what you need to help get your event in full swing!                                                  -> https://audionetworks.ie/corporate-entertainment/daft-punk-tribute-lose-dance/

Daft Punk Tribute (Live At Leixlip Festival)


4.) Star Troopers

This innovative concept is based on the famous Storm Troopers, however this act offers a unique spin.                                                                                  -> https://audionetworks.ie/unique-entertainers/star-troopers/

Star Wars Style - Star Troopers For Hire


5.) The Rhythm and Beats Drummers

The Rhythm and Beats Drummers are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors, their live show is designed to enthral and entertain with dynamic captivating drumming. -> https://audionetworks.ie/unique-entertainers/hit-machine-drummers/

The Hit Machine Drummers

For further information and special package offers please do not hesitate to contact us on +353-1-2o1-3660 – the girls will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have! EIA Winner Finalist Logos 2