Fire Twirling: A Unique Safe Twist to the Age-Old Fire Juggling Routine

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Fire Twirling

Our astonishing modern Fire Twirling act is now available for nationwide booking. This glorious display of agility, color, and sound has won the hearts of thousands of crowds around the world over the last couple of decades – and brightened the mood of millions of people.

Fire Twirling is not a new kind of performance by any stretch of the imagination; it’s been practiced in countless cultures throughout the ages by prodigious performers who have honed their skills to perfection. We are proud to have some of the most refined Fire Jugglers in the country who display their abilities at Private Parties, PR Launches, Business Events, Wedding Reception, and even Kids Birthday Parties, never ceasing to amaze those blessed with the chance to see them live.

Fire Twirling with Safe LED Props

The pitfall of the otherwise amazing concept of a fire show has always been the unnecessary element of danger. Even in the hands of a master fire juggler, there is always a risk when handling real fire close to a vulnerable crowd. The risks can be minimized with proper precautionary measures, of course, and many fire performers pride themselves on incident-free careers.

Even so, we decided to step the fire-twirling routine up a notch, improving both the visuals and eliminating the danger entirely. And we did so by replacing traditional fire torches and fans with fully programmable, visually remarkable LED poi equipment.

Fire Twirling Duos and Trios

Here at AudioNetworks we believe that, just like a ballet show is much more striking when performed by two or more protagonists, a fire juggling act’s spectacular nature is multiplied by the number of acrobats spinning the props.

Your show doesn’t have to be performed by a soloist – we offer a massive roster of professional fire manipulators in a variety of styles for your guests’ delight.

Fire Juggling & Acrobatics

As a genre of unique entertainment, fire spinning is more than meets the eye. It takes balance, elegance, and highly developed fine motor skills to be able to put up a show that WOWs the crowd. The dance moves that go alongside the actual whirling of the fire have to be timed perfectly in order to have the desired visual effect.

If you want to learn more about how to make your upcoming event different, our very own team would be happy to assist you with suggestions and a reasonable price quote. Contact AudioNetworks at +353 1 201 3660 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Fire TwirlingFire Twirling show with the most amazing jugglers in Ireland. Book a LED pyro show today for your special event through AudioNetworks!

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