Enthralling Hula Hoop Dancer for Hire

Enthralling Hula Hoop Dancer for Hire

About Hula Hoop Dancer

Our wonderfully Innovative Hula Hoop Girl, Luna has quite the reputation for her incredible demonstration of an utterly Unique Entertainment Act, using but a hoop.

The enthralling hula hoop dancer for hire in Ireland will not only bring the WOW Factor to your Corporate Event, Wedding Celebration or Private Party, but will also make your function an original affair, providing never-before-seen Entertainment which will stun your guests.

Luna is a trained hoop dancer, using regular, LED and FIRE HOOPS making her performance so exclusive and stunning to watch. Luna has been performing for event nights, festivals, Jerry Fish electric sideshow and many more fantastic events all over the country. She is trained in Hoop-dance with regular, LED and fire hoops and loves to spin and dance with the beautiful hoops to add to the visual entertainment of an event. Luna is in the process of learning Poi also, meaning she can interchange with various stunning visual entertainment mediums.


Luna and Hannah - Hoop girls
Enthralling Hoop Artist
Hoop Practice - Luna with Audio Networks
Luna the Hula Hoop performer

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Enthralling Hula Hoop Dancer for Hire