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Having a Uilleann Piper as part of your Corporate Event or Wedding Celebration makes for a Truly Unique Addition to your party and an enjoyable, as well as highly visible experience. Perfect for Drinks Reception or Dinner Functions, this Traditional Act will make an impact on your guests and create an undeniably wonderful Irish atmosphere. Our talented and greatly established Uilleann Piper, founding member of celebrated group KILA, Eoin Dillon, will provide an impressive welcome for your clients, colleagues, family and friends as they arrive being “piped-in” to the event in style.

Our team at Audio Networks shares a unique understanding and knowledge of what works as a Memorable Entertainment Act for any sort of occasion you may have in planning. We pride ourselves on our service and satisfied clientele of over 25+ years, offering a cost-effective, capable service, with only the Best in the Irish Entertainment Music Industry on our roster.

For further information on how to book our incredible Uilleann Piper, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to planning your Ideal Musical Entertainment for your perfect event with you!


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