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About Celtic Lace

Celtic Lace is an all-female Irish dance trio consisting of Irish dancers of the highest caliber. The girls provide a unique performance like no other; are modern, edgy, and fuse heart-stopping hard shoe rhythms with contemporary and feminine movements. Sharp and powerful, Celtic Lace uses a mixture of Irish, modern music, and beats to create a cutting-edge performance that can be performed in all types of venue.

Of course, the talented Irish dance act is happy to choreograph and alter their routines to suit each client’s needs. Being graduates of the BA in Irish Music and Dance from the University of Limerick, Celtic Lace have all toured and performed with a wide variety of professional shows including Gaelforce, Dance Masters, RagĂșs, The Irish Harp Orchestra and Son Amar.
Now they have come together to provide you with a completely different style of dance show. This unique Celtic-induced show stopping entertainment will be one your guests will never forget!

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