Surprise Waiters

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Surprise Waiters

The Surprise Waiters are one of the freshest new cutting-edge Entertainment ideas for Live Events today. They lead the way as the number one choice for new entertainment ideas for exciting Corporate Entertainment Weddings and Private parties.

If you are looking to deliver a big bang and to surprise your guests with quality entertainers, this is exactly the Singing Waiters show that you need to book. We have over ten years of experience in designing and booking this show and undercover acts so you have the back up of a creative team who know exactly what they are doing.

This stunning show allows you to choose from Music From Opera, Classical, Modern Chart Music, POP, Swing & Rat Pack, Rock, 70’s Music… we have every music angle covered. You simply pick and choose your favorite tunes and we will build the Surprise Waiters show and singers around your choices and your event.

An element of surprise with our Opera Singing Waiters
Opera Singing Waiters sing La Traviata LIVE

Our Incognito Waiters deliver their surprise element by acting as your In house waiters and even the security as guests arrive at the party. The Entertainers will Mingle and chat with guests dressed in the exact same attire as your waiting staff so they are completely undercover.

At the perfect time, just after the food is served we get ready to rumble and they make a big commotion, to create a big diversion, then one by one, the singers hit the stage through operatic and contemporary vocal talents, until the explosive finale where all of the singers join in together with a massive Hit Song of your choice that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Along with this awesome surprise act we also offer a selection of new Singing Waiters Shows for the first time ever in Ireland including the:

  • ABBA Waiters
  • Rock Star Waiters
  • Incognito Waiters
  • The Wedding Waiters
  • Diva Waiters
  • Swinging Waiters
  • Surprise Waiters
  • Undercover Waiters
  • Incognito Waiters
  • Rat Pack Waiters
  • Disco Singing Waiters
  • Opera Singing Waiters
  • Disco singing waiters
  • The Two Waiters
  • The Four Waiters
  • Dublin Singing Waiters
  • Celtic Singing Waiters

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