Dublin Singing Waiters

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Dublin Singing Waiters

The Dublin Singing Waiters are fast becoming the latest craze for all leading Corporate Events. Described by many in the entertainment industry as “Incredible” & “Amazing”, they deliver mesmerizing live singing waiters show like no other. This World-class surprise act and award-winning live show will dazzle your guests like nothing they have ever seen before. This is unique entertainment at its best.

“We bring the WOW, we bring the OOMPH, we bring the FUN to the Room!”

The Dublin Singing Waiters work the room in advance as your guests arrive, totally under the radar, serving drinks, collecting glasses, delivering food, and cleaning the room. As the event moves forward they will individually interact with every table and make fun comments with the guests but totally undercover.

Then at the appointed time, a huge commotion is made by dropping a Metal tray with a loud BOOM… and were off… the Dublin Waiters show starts to the surprise of your guests. We can generate a bespoke playlist with a Dublin or Celtic-specific theme.

Opera Singing Waiters sing La Traviata LIVE
An element of surprise with our Opera Singing Waiters

One by one, they will burst from different corners of the room. The Surprise Singing Waiters will start performing until they all meet up on stage at the end for a huge dazzling finale. This Singing Waiters show delivers a real big punch and standing ovations are quite the norm.

Our Tenor singers will perform Opera, The Classics, Rock , Swing and Dance floor Hits. Every single performance is tailored around you and what you require, seamlessly , and we also liaise with your hotel manager or wedding coordinators, to ensure that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

The whole innovative concept from start to finish is around 60 – 75 minutes and the music element of the singing waiters show itself is around 20 -25 mins.

As this is a full-on high energy, impact show, for want of a better word, it’s kinda like a waiters flash Mob, so by the time our Singing Waiters have finished your guests will ask themselves was that actually real and did that really happen just here.

It’s a brilliant ice breaker, funny, and ensures your event or wedding day will be spoken about for years to come.

Dublin Singing Waiters Waiters FAQ

How many Singers can I have?
Basically, as many as you want but a good marker is 1 x singer per 50 guests or 3-4 singers to cover a room with 250 guests is also ideal.

Where are the Dublin Waiters available to book?
The Waiters are Dublin Based and available nationwide all over Ireland, from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Galway, Northern Ireland, and of course internationally.

What other types of shows do you book?
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