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Hands on fun filled workshops with robotics kits for the classroom.

Robots with

We supply and book, the following robot types

  • Entertainment Robots / Star Wars / Transformers
  • Robot shows for fun
  • Robot Wars ( Real robots )
  • Interactive & Educational robot Team building
  • Robot DJs
  • Greeting Host Robots

Robotics TEAM BUILDING Show. -Videos

As you know robots and everything to do with robotics is massive worldwide and brilliant for almost any event you are involved with. Bringing robotics into the classroom in an affordable way with interactive kits to suit any budget is the future of robot entertainment. Any age has a fun building and learning about these exciting robots that capture the imagination.

When it comes to living shows we have it all, massive 9-foot dancing robot performers along with the stars of the silver screen like R2D2 and the Storm Troopers from Star Wars, Transformer Bumble Bee and not forgetting the Daleks from Doctor Who. They are radio-controlled and are like superstars as they roam around your event thrilling your guests.
The Guinness Book of Records world record was set by the Cubinator for completing the Rubik’s Cube in 20 seconds which makes this robot a fantastic addition to your venue of the exhibition. AL1X the walking talking interactive robot is the star of the show and brings Science Fiction direct to real life in a big way.

Our Team Building experience is the very latest in the world as your customers get a chance to control our lightweight battle robots. We set up a mini arena with sound and lights and a referee to MC and oversee the battle. The arena is also a mini football pitch with goalposts and up to 6 robots can be operated at one making for a really exciting time. This interactive installation is perfect for all events and ages and can run all day if needed.
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