Wedding Gift Card Ideas for the Engaged!

What is an Audio Networks Gift Card?

When you give an Audio Networks Gift Card to the newly engaged you immediately take a bit off that at times financial wedding stress away from the happy couple and with that give that someone close to you the chance to book her or his favourite wedding band instead of settling for second or third choice!

And best of all, our gift cards are truly a gift that “keep on giving” as not only the couple will enjoy the kind gesture but in the future, at the wedding, also the guests get to experience your present to the bride and groom, dancing away to the band with big smiles.

Why Audio Networks Gift Cards?

Audio Networks tirelessly tries to come up with new ideas in regards to making life a little easier for the bride and groom. We have been in the Wedding Band Industry for over 25 years and have made a point of engaging with our clients personally and also be of guidance when it comes to the entertainment of one’s big day.

Our team has learned a number of factors over that time period especially when it comes to what can add stress to the months ahead of the wedding and we are certainly keen to ease the pressure that almost every couple experiences when planning your perfect day that also the guests will thoroughly enjoy.

Money always plays a big part in the frustration experienced when starting with the “booking process”. There are just so many things that will have to be booked and await a deposit almost immediately. Audio Networks cares and therefore we’d like to give the soon-to-be-wed a break to breathe by giving you the opportunity to surprise them with one of our Gift Card options. There goes one less deposit needed of the couple!

Five Reasons why our Wedding Gift Cards Make Sense

Gift cards have fast become one of the most purchased present worldwide and nowadays you can attain a voucher for almost everything.

In our research however we’ve discovered a hole in the market where it comes to wedding bands and original acts performing at the main party or drink receptions and the possibility of buying a gift card for said entertainment.

We thought we must change that, primarily because it will enable the recipient to get the wedding entertainment they truly hoped for.

  1. Audio Networks Gift Cards are of course safe to buy and redeem and will give you the option to personalise each with a message.
  2. Our Gift Cards are a thoughtful way to show someone that you were thinking about them and not only that but it will also show that you can emphasise with their needs and truly wish for them a one-of-a-kind day.
  3. In this still unfortunately tight economy you will take away the dreaded “wedding loan” in order for them to afford their desired band.
  4. There will be absolutely No Hidden Fees. Our reputable gift cards don’t charge the recipient when cashing it in.
  5. Who needs yet another toaster or worse, a present disliked by the newly-weds? Not only will you help financially but the couple will have the last word as to the wedding act they end up booking and loving!

For further information please head over to our Gift Card Page where you can find an easy purchase option starting at only €50 or alternatively of course you are more than welcome to call our office on +353-1-201-3660.