If your wedding is the most important day of your life, why keep it at one day only? Just think about it, you have all your loved one’s staying at the same hotel/venue (or at least nearby). Take the chance to through a two day bash!

The next day party has the advantage of no preconceived rules, so you can create the perfect gathering for the next day of your wedding.

Some people choose to have a late brunch to help the hangover, others choose to have a barbeque in the afternoon – whatever floats your boat.

The type of party will determine the entertainment/music to be chosen, the best option would be to seek professional help on choosing the best option.


However I’ve compiled some suggestions for you wedding second day party:

Celtic Factor

          An exciting  traditional band, with a versatile and modern twist!Wedding Entertainment Day 2 Party

Celtic Way.. The newest addition to our list of traditional Irish entertainment..

Posted by Audio Networks on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Storehouse Duo

Wedding Entertainment Day 2 PartyAn unforgettable 2 piece acoustic trad wedding party group.

Boombastic Brass Band

Wedding Entertainment Day 2 Party

A high energy walkabout brass band - guaranteed to bring your party to life!

Blue Note Jazz Trio

Wedding Entertainment Day 2 Party

The perfect true jazz trio to add sophistication to your wedding second day party!


Digi Fire Art

Wedding Entertainment Day 2 Party

Bring the future into your wedding party with a digital poi art show, fully customizable to your wedding!

www.digitalfireart.ie for corporate events, weddings and private parties.

Stunning indoor fire displays at a recent party in Dublin. Call us on 01 2013660 for bookings

Posted by Digital Fire Art on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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