Wedding Drinks Reception: Why book a Jazz Band for your wedding?
Wedding Drinks Reception: Why book a Jazz Band for your wedding?
When it comes to planning your big day there a lot of factors you need to take into consideration, but you probably know this by now. Our team of experts has brainstormed on the important of having Drinks Reception Music & the best act to book for this stage of your wedding.
The question, is it necessary or an overkill? Our opinion is: absolutely necessary! We all know it's not nice to enter a silent room full of people you barely know or, on the other hand, being the first guest to arrive. Why not offer your guests a sophisticated easy listening jazzy soundtrack as they enter the venue? From our experience a Jazz ensemble is the perfect background live music to greet your guests into the party as it's both soothing and not overpowering, leaving room to mingle.
Duo's and Trio's are budget friendly and create a great atmosphere, their sound can be subtle and can be gradually increased as more people arrive. They usually come with a small PA system and amplifiers to cover up to 100 guests but the levels are never very loud so people can chat to each other.

We took a dive into our roster & this years stats to give you the most popular Jazz acts suitable for Wedding Drinks Reception:

Jazzy Duo

Intimate Jazzy Duo that plays a large program of Jazz Soul and Popular music to cater any wedding drinks reception. Raimonda Masiulyte has a beautiful and lyrical voice accompanied by the masterful Guitarist, Eamonn Moran both with years of professional experience on the wedding music industry.

Blue Note Jazz Trio

The vibrant Blue Note trio encompass a wealth of musical talent and consistently deliver a unique and exciting performance. They truly excel as top class wedding entertainment, as their repertoire includes classics and favorites, that haven’t been done to death, but also some unique numbers, that will have your guests talking about your wedding music, long after your big day is over.

Cotton Club Jazz Quartet

The Jazz Quartet, are a joyous vibrant professional Swing Band that are perfect entertainment for drinks reception, party, function or an event requiring a lively, sophisticated atmosphere. The group models itself on the jazz groups of the prohibition era in 1920s America, although. it does also have an extensive Latin & South American( Bossa Nova, Samba) songbook and European gypsy repertoire (Django Reinhardt).

For more info on wedding entertainment get in touch with one of our lovely bookers by dialing 012013660 or email [email protected] -  we are delighted to assist!

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