Wedding Bands Ireland Prices 2020 & 2021 -Tips on How to Cut Costs & Make Savings

Wedding Bands Ireland Prices 2020 & 2021 -Tips on How to Cut Costs & Make Savings

Wedding Bands Ireland Prices in 2020 & 2021 for Party Bands, DJ’s, Wedding Music.

Embrace the moment as you dream of the perfect wedding and the best day of your life. There is a lot to consider when you are planning on booking wedding music and for many, it starts at least 15 to 20 months in advance. Wedding Entertainment should be top of that list as no one will talk about the meal on whether it was Beef or Salmon when all is said and done …..they will talk about the fact it was a brilliant party and how they danced all night, it is the live experience that evening that matters and with the advent of Covid-19, this will be more important… more than ever.


Planning your budget wisely is essential to secure the right Wedding Acts. So it’s good to know what’s happening price-wise in Ireland and also around the world. It provides a good gauge to see what is the best use of your money, ideas, time, effort and more importantly does it fit in with the overall theme of your Wedding Plan.

Audionetworks have been booking Wedding Music & Creating Unique Wedding Entertainment ideas for over twenty-five years. With over 10,000 plus happy clients and over 112 plus five-star google reviews we thought we would share our insider secrets and industry wisdom to help you make savings, budget & Book Wedding Music for your dream Wedding day.


wedding prices infographic

Reference; Infographic with Wedding Entertainment

How much do Wedding Bands cost in Ireland?

If you have a reasonable budget a Party Band & Specialist Wedding DJ is the perfect mix and for those with a more flexible allowance its works well if you can also book some greeting hosts on arrival and some quirky alternative drinks reception music or Walkabout Acts like the Havana Club Trio, Celtic Drummers, or Close up Magicians which can really add to the energy of the room before the meal. Always keep in mind….The day can be a long one for your guests so allocating a small portion of your wedding budget for great entertainers, before the main band, will allow you to keep high energy levels maintained throughout the day. Like everything in life you pay for what you get, invest in a great Band & DJ to start and the rest shall follow.

Irish Independent Average Wedding Band price  = €2,257.00

How does COVID-19 Effect My Wedding and Wedding Budget?

There is no doubt that things have changed significantly over the past few months and will continue to do so until 2021. Due to mass cancellations, many of the leading Bands and Entertainers are very heavily booked so you need to move fast to secure the top guys in the business. You should find deposits and payment plans are now in place for brides and grooms to help you schedule when you pay your deposit and how you pay ……to secure your band and lock in the date – super important and make sure to get it in writing.

You have to consider the total cost of your celebration before anything else.”—Lynn Easton, founder, Easton Events


What makes your Wedding Amazing Music Makes the Party

Where do I start working out what Budget I have for Booking Entertainment? 

After the recent COVID 19 issues going out to preview a band live now is harder and will be for some time so its a smart idea to check out google reviews online and Facebook. If you scroll down below you will find over Twenty plus reviews and you will give you a good feel about the Party band or the Agency representing them.

How much does a Band cost for a Wedding & What are some really good Budget Saving Tips for Weddings in Ireland 2020 & 2021?

Let us reveal some of the industry insider secrets, with a little bit of homework you can find some really amazing deals depending on the night of the week with off-peak being ( Sunday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday ) and Peak hours during Friday & Saturday of course. Make sure to ask when booking as most Wedding Bands or DJ’s will offer some form of a discount from 10% to 15% depending on travel distances.


**See below Wedding Budget Spreadsheet for approx prices required for Different Sizes of Band line up’s **

( May 2020 – Weddings in Ireland – )

budget prices weddingbands 2020 audionetworks

What’s the best Wedding Budget Advice?

Everything you need to know & top budget tips for getting the best prices on Wedding Music ;

  1. Google is a great place to start so check out some bands and then go to their Facebook pages to follow their reviews and see what special offers and midweeks deals they might offer.
  2. Ask if they also do drinks reception music and can they supply the DJ, this can keep all costs down as its sourced from the same provider, who may offer discounts.
  3. Bands come in all shapes and sizes, the more musicians the higher the price, so if you have a smaller type wedding with 50 or so guests a three price band is perfect rather than a full-on Ten Piece so you only pay for the 3 musicians & travel and you could save up to 30% to 50% – 70% compared to the larger lineup.
  4. If your wedding is early that day in the afternoon and the band can finish before 8 pm they might be able to book another performance later that night and offer you a discount from 5 % to 15 %.
  5. Skip the number of hours the band needs to be on-site in the venue, so they are not waiting around all day, keep it tight and they might reflect this by discounting some of the fees.
  6. Check out where the band is from in relation to your venue. Travel costs, fuel, toll bridges, lunch can cost a band upwards of €500 plus…. on the day depending on how far they have to travel. If they are close to home this might be a saving you can grab. If they have to travel 200 or 300 KLM’s they might have to leave their house at 11 am to grab equipment and the other musicians to get set up and not return till 4 am, so try to keep this tight and it can work to your favour on price.
  7. If you are happy to keep the room all set up nicely for the meal without Speakers and drummers everywhere simply ask the band to set up “after” the meal and speeches, let everyone have a breather before the big party. This keeps set up and travel times shorter and you will find the band more agreeable to confirm and maybe shave another 3% to 5%.
  8. If the room is not so big to make sure to tell the band so they don’t have to hire a big lighting set up or Sound system, they can also help keep prices down and more competitive.

What are the Key advantages of booking & budgeting with a Wedding Entertainment Company?

Booking with an Agency or Wedding Entertainment Company has a lot of advantages with the top 3 being “Advice, Communication & Insurance”.  With the average number of emails hovering around 20 – 30 meals to finalize all specific requests correspondence and communication are key to make sure it all happens on the day smoothly, stress-free.



  1. Better prices on Package deal options if you book Band & DJ & Drinks reception Music
  2. You can tell them what budget you have to work off and they can come back with more ideas and more themes and styles.
  3. More unique and Alternative music acts at better price ranges
  4. Advice on the best-fit Band for your theme at your price point.
  5. Arranging bespoke tracks for your Playlist at no extra cost.
  6. 1st Dance co-ordination included in the price.
  7. Dealing with the Duty Manager at your venue for load-in times, stage time and logistics ( you have enough things to worry about on the day )
  8. Nationwide Availability to keep prices down so you can save on travel costs.
  9. You know 100% the band will arrive on time and on target
  10. Save on drinks reception music and see if there is an ability to include the Family Musical traditions from Celtic, Irish, Latin, etc as in Ireland Trad Music is a massive part of most families and nearly everyone has someone who can Sing or play an instrument, incorporating this into the fabric of the day will increase the good vibes in the room and usually gets standing ovations which are perfect before leading into the Main Wedding Band
  11. Ask the booker for insights Take your time and run over the advantages and positives on each bands setlist, fees, and videos with your partner
  12. Zero Stress, less pressure and more time to enjoy the whole experience, remember you’re only doing this once so relax and take it all in, every bride will tell you in “went so fast on the day “


“What makes a Band or Wedding Entertainers price go up or Down? “

It’s good to understand where your money goes and how it breakdown. With an average band that costs circa €2,000 and has five members, you have to cover someone bringing the sound system ( circa €400 – €500 ) plus a van or a car for transport. If you travel up or down the country in Ireland most bands look for an extra €150 – €250 to cover fuel, food longer hours and tolls. By the end, it leaves each musician within or around €200 to €250 per person.


Based on Professional Talents with their Artists fees ( not including travel )

Bands & DJs normally ask for a slight bit extra to cover fuel and toll bills for a journey over 30 km to 40 km.  Irish musicians usually charge extra based on 3-4 zones as a guide or rule of thumb.

  • Up  to  50   km
  • 50k to 100  km
  • 100 to 200  km
  • 300 to 500  km

prices_weddingbands travel_audionetworks


Why do you need Brass musicians in a wedding band? And Why are brass players so expensive?

Usually, brass players perform with Swing and Jazz style bands. This is so all instruments are covered to generate the full sound required making it a more professional rounded sound overall and when you have a budget to add in a brass section then you can get that real WOW factor. Note brass musicians get very well paid and they are the higher end of the price spectrum from €250 to €350 extra per person…also…they are most times hard to get, so if you want that big brass sound make sure to book it in early.


booking impressive Drinks Reception Entertainment


One of my absolute top tips is to try to always keep some budget for the Drinks Reception Entertainment. Be it a closeup magician, or a Latin trio like ( )as it sets the mood and vibe in the room for what’s going to happen later on in the evening and it’s always a sure cert in raising the positive energy after the ceremony and all the travel.  Again….these are just suggestions to help you budget but worth consideration.

** See below for Budgeting Suggestions for Drinks Receptions Ideas ( May 2020 Ireland )

Budget Prices Drinks Reception Entertainment Audionetworks


Should I Book with an Entertainment Agency?

To get the best Wedding Budget Advice chat with an entertainment company and Trust your own instinct and your own gut feeling on your final choice, it is paramount when you are chatting with a Wedding Entertainment Booker. There is a saying in the industry “You are only as good as your last gig “ so in other words every single wedding and every single performance is 100% as important as the next one so we will take care of you from the moment you connect right up to the big day. All wedding professionals survive on their positive reviews and word of mouth. Genuinely they care and want to know you had a great night.

Wow factor acts that will make your Wedding even more memorable.


“Booking Wedding Entertainment with an Agency is your Real Wedding Insurance in case anything goes wrong ”

There are some real key advantages in booking with a good Wedding entertainment agency or even talking with a wedding industry specialist. They offer unique alternative “out of the box “ ideas, better value on packages with Band, Specialist Pro DJ’s, great value ideas on new drinks reception music, more choice of music genres, alongside advice on new discounts, new trends otherwise not seen by your wedding guests, and back up musicians ( Nationwide)  in case anyone gets sick so you don’t have to worry.

In a word its “extremely cost-efficient, they stand over Quality of performance knowing what works and what does not….. and ultimately it means “Zero Stress” for you which allows you to concentrate on other things. Watch this video to see what clients said about their Wedding Supplier ;

**Click the video below to view over 112 x  “Five Star Verified “ Reviews in Google Business;

Over 100 X 5 Star Google Reviews for Audionetworks




Booking with reputable entertainment agency is an absolute must for safety and they are your back up so things don’t go wrong, plus they will have every backup plan on budget imaginable with all their contacts over the years.

“The most important factor for couples when booking a venue and wedding suppliers is online reviews. Only 21% said that price was the most important factor” ( Reference weddings on line 2019 “)

What reference points should I use? 

Look out for trust signals on websites and check how long they are in business for. Is it a name you can trust …after all it is your wedding ! …….

irish wedding bands trust signals 2020 wedding bands Ireland

Reference; Homepage  May 2020. ( Dublin Ireland )

What other reference guides can I use for my wedding?

Other useful places to check out about “What Wedding Clients think and past reviews are;

  • Testimonials & Word of Mouth
  • Ask your buddies for recommendations at recent weddings
  • Google search “ Wedding bands Ireland” or “ Irish wedding bands “
  • YouTube live videos
  • Facebook reviews
  • Instagram
  • Twitter comments


Unique Wedding Bands and Why they stand out


Here are some insider money-saving wedding tips on how you can cut 10% up to 30% on hiring a Party Band, DJ and Wedding Music for 2020 & 2021.

A quick list of Top Tips to keep costs down and to Stay on Budget;

  • Always….Book Quality over Quantity.Great Bands & Dj Deliver…its what they do!
  • Book Early – Get a Great price!
  • Ask for a deal midweek if you don’t ask you don’t get *
  • Keep  musicians on-site hours close
  • Put on your own show, maybe with the bridesmaids or Groom to save on drinks reception music.
  • Scale the size of the Band to Suit the venue, for example, a 4 or 5 piece band suits a wedding for 50-100 guests whereas a 10pc band might take over the room too much.


A simple idea for keeping your costs down is to look at the wedding list. You might be worried about getting lots of presents as double up’s ……with kettles and cutlery sets for your wedding gifts? Maybe you could suggest to your guests to chip in on the Wedding Music, 2 or 3 tables guests could cover the cost of your Band, DJ, and this has a few definite advantages ;

1. Make it easy for the guests so they don’t have to stress out about purchasing a present.

2.  You don’t have to stress out trying to find €2,000 + for Wedding Entertainment.

3.  One more thing to scratch off your “To-Do list.

4.  It easier to Keep track of all your spending v actual costs.

5.  End up Sticking to Budget, Yipee ;0)


Where does my Wedding Music Budget go to exactly?

Sometimes it can come as a bit of a “shocker “on what it costs to hire great musicians and talented entertainers. For many, it’s the first time ever booking a Band, DJ, or Entertainer. Depending on the level of popularity of the act prices an go up over the norm by 15% to 30%, it’s all about the Quality. Like anything in life if it is really good it is usually at the higher end of the price bracket but when you find the perfect entertainment it’s priceless.

Heres the thing ;

In fact, weddings are so expensive that 28% of couples around the world go into debt to pay for them, reported Business Insider’s Erin McDowell, citing WeddingWire’s 2019 Global Wedding report.

Unique DJ ideas Audionetworks


What are my options and what do I need to budget and how can I avail of savings?

What is the average wedding cost in Ireland for 2020 and 2021?


Dj prices 2020 Dj costs for weddings


How can I save when I am booking a Wedding DJ? 

In Ireland when you book a DJ there are can be wide variations in the cost. Here are some tips for those of you who care to know…and please make sure to book a professional Specialist Wedding DJ with over 5 years plus experience as they will cater for all age groups and know when to play the right sets in the right order, remember it might be three to five hours of music so you need a pro, get it wrong and you’ll never forget it.

silent headphone disco


So what are the top tips in keeping a price down?.

What are the top tips for Booking & Saving money on the costs of hiring a Wedding DJ in Ireland?


The number of hours on-site, keep it tight as required, if you ask a DJ to arrive in at 3 pm or 4 pm and perform all night they expect to get paid a lot extra, this can raise the price by as much as €200 – €300. So by Starting after the meal say 9 pm to close you can shave off possible extra charges you do not need. Ask what’s the rate per hour or per night and what exactly is included.


If it’s a small wedding in a smaller type room make sure to tell the DJ so they don’t need to hire in extra Sound equipment and lights, costs can vary due to the scale of lighting or effect you want to be included.


Is there a package deal?

If you booked the band ask them if they offer a discount should you also book the DJ with them directly?



Make sure to ask for a written contract of agreement for DJ Services with all your prices, terms, and payment dates for deposits laid out clearly to avoid any miscommunication on the day which can be embarrassing.


MC Duties & PA hire?

Ask your DJ would he/she allow the use of PA system & Radio Mic so you don’t need to hire one from the hotel this can cost €150 – €200 plus. ……or ask even if they might act an MC Host to greet or welcome into the room and make the dinner call which can also provide a slight saving.


Avoid Mistakes

Make sure to find out the cut of times so you don’t get hit with a bill for extra time. Late-night DJ slots can costs as much as €100 per hour after 2 am.

Remember you pay for what you get, do you really want to take a chance with a starter DJ just out of school for your wedding day? Be unique think differently and also be open to other music tracks outside of your favorite top 30 so you have everyone in the room covered.

FAQs My 2020 wedding date has been moved due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

How much does a wedding cost in Ireland?

Average wedding costs in Ireland and the UK generally between €25,000 & €35,000.

“According to Confetti Magazine’s annual Irish Wedding Survey, Irish couples typically spend around €25,000 plus for a wedding. Article on 29th Jan 2020 have average spend at close to €30,000 with BAND averages at €2,182 and DJ averages at €498 with evening entertainment at €762.

Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas 2020


The Average cost of a Wedding Worldwide can run from €170,000 to €20,000.

“ But what happens when we cross-check this out with other countries around the world? You might be in for a few surprises when you read this list below. **These statistics came from different sources in 2018 & 2019, so some averages may vary slightly but it gives you a rough idea when we compare the cost of a wedding in Ireland versus the rest of the world.

“ How much is a wedding for 100 to 200 Guests? “

  1. Dubai €170k –   $185,000 (Dhs. 680,000)
  2. Australia costs roughly $67,032 ($90,196 AUD)
  3. UK comes in at $35,005 (£27,161)
  4. Kenya is $34,854 (Ksh 3,500,000).
  5. Couples in the US spend an average of $33,391 to $38,000
  6. Canadians spend circa $23,568 ($30,717 CAD)
  7. Greece is around. (€16,654).
  8. Spain (€17,500 euros) to get married.
  9. The Netherlands tie the knot for (€15,000).
  10. Russia  $15,000 (976,908).
  11. China – The average Chinese wedding costs €10,000
  12. Sri Lanka from $1,128 (Rs. 180,310)
  13. Mexico will run on average $9,329 ($172,000 MXN).
  14. You can get married in Mauritius for as little as $533 (Rs.18,362).

( Reference; )

( Reference




usa wedding prices for band DJ

There are some real advantages and savings if you choose to get married in Ireland. In America a Wedding Band costs on average $4,500 ( €4,056 ) however in Ireland the better of the wedding bands usually are around €2,000 to €2500 plus. If you want to include a band with a large lineup and top-end brass players €3,000 to €3500. DJs in USA generally go from $1,000 to $1500  ( €1350 approx )  upwards so when we compare to Ireland it’s much cheaper with Wedding DJs from €350 to €550 usually. Silent Headphone Discos in the USA can cost from $1500 to $3,000 whereas in Ireland a Silent Headphone discos usually start €795 upwards. So again a saving of nearly a whooping €2,000 cheaper for an Irish Based Wedding Band along with a €550 saving on the DJ.


**Reference Guide “

A quick list of Top Tips to keep your Wedding Entertainment costs down and to Stay on Budget;

  • Always….Book Quality over Quantity.Great Bands & Dj Deliver…its what they do!
  • Book Early – Get a Great price!
  • Ask for a deal midweek if you don’t ask you don’t get *
  • Keep  musicians on-site hours close
  • Put on your own show, maybe with the bridesmaids or Groom to save on drinks reception music.
  • Scale the size of the Band to Suit the venue, for example, a 4 or 5 piece band suits a wedding for 50-100 guests whereas a 10pc band might be a wee bit overpowering.

WHAT “ Marriage Ceremonies took place in 2019?

Heres a quick snapshot of what happened in 2019 from the Central statistics office of Ireland. With just over 20,000 weddings in 2019 ( CSO Ireland ) Friday was the most popular day for hosting the wedding in the Month of August. Always a good time in Ireland due to the Weather and civil ceremonies now carry 30.6% versus 45.1% of catholic weddings which will increase in the next few years. In 2019, religious ceremonies accounted for 59.0% of all marriages.

CSO statistics 2019 Wedding Marriages Ireland Audionetworks

There is a great breakdown on all ages, right here;

“The average age of couples in same-sex marriages in 2019 was 39.6 years.  The average age of male partners in same-sex marriages was 39.8 and the average age of female partners was lower at 39.3.” (CSO statistical release, 28 April 2020, 11 am)

Where can I find good Wedding acts and fresh ideas at a good price?

Below you will find some really useful Wedding Entertainment websites with Unique & Alternative Wedding Ideas for 2020 + 2021;

At Audionetworks we’ll never be something you should be worrying about. We guarantee that any musicians, bands, or DJ’s that you hire with us will be high quality and exceptionally reliable. We’ll show up early, have your setlist ready to go, and ensure that no matter what other chaos strikes, you’ll be able to dance the night away without another thought.

Check out what we can offer here or call us anytime you like for some friendly advice on what suits your budget best call for your own personal one to one Appointment call on + 353 1 201 3660 it’s totally free and without any obligation to book. Wishing you a great wedding day with peace and happiness, take care, and enjoy your day.

Wedding Bands Ireland Prices 2020 & 2021 -Tips on How to Cut Costs & Make Savings was Written by Mark Downing Director ( &. ) Dublin, Ireland ( May 2020 )


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