Top Romantic Valentines Day Songs

Top Romantic Valentines Day Songs

Valentine’s day is here and Audionetworks would like to help you to make this valentine’s day, the best one yet. Nothing is better than a romantic evening with your lover and why not? A party with the people you love. Check out our website and you will find great acts such as Jungle Boogie, The Firm….

We can help you to create the best Playlist of romantic songs for this Valentine’s Day.

20. Fade into you- by Mazzy Star: “ Is the perfect warm-up for this list

19. Turn it on- by Franz Ferdinand: Just have a listen and you’ll soon be smiling, thinking how fun these guys can make an evening.

18.Stick with me baby– by Robert Plant/Alison Krauss: I love their harmonies and so will your lover.

17.Danny’s song- by loggins and Messina: just listen to the lyrics and tell me this song doesn’t melt the heart of your loved one.

16. Moon River- by Henry Mancini: It’s a classic and will be forever, that is, unless you don’t like sentimental love songs.

15.Chet Baker’s- by My funny valentine: The jazz trumpeter and the lead singer is just right on this one.

14. Annies Song- by John Denver: How could I not include it in this list? Really, how many brides have walked down the aisle to this one?

13. Say when – by The Fray: Vocals here can woo the coldest lover on the chilliest day of winter.

12. Charlie Parker– Bird:

11. Wonderful, or The Look of love– by Diana Krall: Diana’s sultry voice goes just right with any Valentine’s encounter.

10. All of me- by Billie Holiday: It will definitely get your Valentine in the mood.

9. Your love is king- by Sade: this girl puts the exotic sultry love song thing into a whole other category. Sade is sure to win the heart of your valentine.

8. Something- by -on the “Crown jewel of the Beatles catalogue”; Abbey Road OR Real Love by John Lennon on his Imagine (Original Soundtrack) . The tenderness of “Something,” one of George Harrison’s best songs (and only Beatles A-side single contribution) is perfect for this list, as well as John Lennon’s Real Love, both would be great, but one would be sufficient

7. Sacred Love-by Sting: His smooth-sultry voice calls to anyone with a heart and this song in particular is perfect for wooing the girl or guy of your dreams

6. Dream a little Dream of me- by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong:
Not only is this song perfect for Valentine’s day, but the entire album is great too!

5. The best is yet to come- by Tony Bennett; his techniques of wooing are indisputable even in this day and age.

3. When a man loves a woman- by Percy sledge: the list would not be a top 20 to woo your valentine without a little Percy, this song gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

2. Anything- by Frank Sinatra: is the way to go when trying to win the affections of your sweetheart, and I couldn’t choose only one of them

1.Let’s get it on- by Marvin Gaye’s: May be the best Valentine wooer’s theme song of all time!! (No wonder is the Top 1) ☺


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