Top 7 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

So, you just got engaged and realized the daunting task ahead of you? Don’t worry, it’s all worth it. Your wedding day will be unforgettable for yourself, your fiancé and your loved ones. Whether you’ve already started the planning process or are about to look into it, take the time to read this and prevent future stress.


We went back to basics of wedding planning to explain some of the most common mistakes being made.

As a bonus, I’ve added a few recommendations regarding the wedding entertainment – as this is my area of expertise.




1. Pre-planning planning:

A common mistake is starting the planning process without really knowing what you are looking for. This can lead to double the effort and none of the fun!

Before you start any inquiries/research, sit down with your partner to establish the following pointers: guests, date, venue, budget and entertainment.

It always helps to make check-lists and to do lists, as you can see I am a list-lover with all that entails (good and bad, believe me). In this case, a list can keep you both on track and on budget!

2. Guests and loved ones.

The questions to be asked are: How many guests? Who are they? Are we allowing the option of plus one?

The number of invites to be sent will establish the size and type of wedding party. As logical as this may seem, most people think of the budget, venue and date before they make a guest list – here we go with the lists again. Avoid extra work by making sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the size of your wedding: in order to have the right venue, entertainment and food. Plus, this gives you the chance to veto early on any unwanted invites – dodge those awkward interactions, this is your day after all!

My tip here is to make a general guest list, and then a realistic one – meaning, who is most likely to actually rsvp yes.

3. Save (me) the date!

Agree on a date as fast as possible, we all know that to get the perfect venue and entertainment you have to book as soon as possible. This one might sound easier than it actually is, a few common mistakes: If you are planning to book on a big date (like NYE) make sure that your budget is flexible enough to accommodate all the extra costs and, that your guests are either willing to pay extra for accommodation or are able to get a taxi home; On the other hand, if you are booking on those prime summer (do we even have summer in Ireland?) weekend days… you can panic now! Notice is the keyword here, make sure you give yourself enough time so you don’t end up compromising on what you want; Final advice on this, as soon as you have a set date send the save the date email (postcard or text – whatever floats your boat) quickly!

4. Wedding Budget:

It is very important to set a budget of what you can/want to spend on your wedding day.

To make it realistic, the budget should account for everything necessary - I mean everything! The first mistake here is to set a budget before you discuss what type of wedding you both want. The budget will take all your hopes & dreams for this day and add a dash of reality to the lovely recipe.

Now back to business, what do you need to take into consideration here? Wedding dress, venue, food, drinks (open bar?), entertainment (wedding bands/ DJ), Invites, Flowers, decorations, hen/stag party, rehearsal dinner, the list goes on. The important thing here for you to know is an overall budget will not cut it, you need to allocate within your budget what are your priorities.

Said that please be aware that you will go over the limit! However, if you prepare this carefully the damage will be less than expected.

5. Wedding Venue

Location, location, location!  (said someone extremely smart, I feel like it was a woman)

If you are one of those brides/grooms that dreamt about their wedding since kids, therefore have a binder full of venue options you have a head start. However, if you are like me and never gave it a second thought, the important thing is: Research... and more lists.

First, make a list of venues that are both located conveniently and look beautiful (looks really matter on this one). Now, make the first contact: write a template email with your date and expectations for a venue, ask for menus, prices and a site inspection. Then make another list of realistic options for you.

On the site inspection make sure to go through all the details and come prepared to negotiate the prices given by email previously.

6. Wedding Dress

Just two advice on this one, make sure to buy a dress that will make you proud to show those wedding pictures to your grandchildren one day! Secondly, be very (very) careful with online shopping for a wedding dress, I cannot stress enough how careful you have to be – if it looks too good to be true, it is. If you must go this route, make sure to do it with enough notice and have a backup plan in case all goes wrong.

A successful way around this is to find the dress you like online and have a local professional make it for you!

7. Wedding (party) Entertainment

The entertainment can make or break your wedding party, make sure you have room in your budget to hire professional entertainment. It all starts at your ceremony, whether you go for something more traditional or a harpist playing the Jurassic park the only thing that matters is making it unforgettable to both of you as a couple. For the drinks reception, I would advise something that it’s both upbeat and background, a roaming band or an acoustic band would be perfect! Regarding the main wedding band please be aware that although you can save on this, you really shouldn’t – it’s two hours of your big day – so make sure you hire a professional wedding band and always ask for viewing dates.

The Facebook of a wedding band usually tells you a little bit of what they’ve been up to.

After the band, most people book a DJ. However, there are several other options that are trending at the moment: Silent Disco, Daft Punk Tribute, Sax & DJ, Dj & Drummer…the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind to explore all options.

If you gather all your choices and there’s some money left on your entertainment budget, there are some amazing options: Singing Waiters, Digital Fire, Hit Machine Drummers,…

My best advice is book through an agency, it saves you both on research and sorrows!   Also, agencies are in a position to negotiate package deals if you book all your entertainment as a bundle.

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