Top 5 Surprise Wedding Acts
SingingWaiters SurpriseAct Weddings AudionetworksAs Ashleigh’s wedding was coming up, myself and Mandy decided to offer her something unforgettable that would add on to her already beautifully planned day. She is mad about Disney, so it hit us: what if the Diva Singing Waiters would include Disney songs in their show? We got them to mess with Ash during the meal and break into song with Beauty and the Beast by dessert. It was absolutely perfect!


Check out below some unique ideas for surprise acts:

Singing Waiters

Dublin Singing Waiters sing Nella Fantasia
singing waiters have been one of the most sought after acts for weddings in Ireland. This incredible group of singers will go the extra mile to make your surprise even greater, plus the show is of course fully customizable to your specific needs.
The waiters arrive before your guests to set up in secret, they dress to blend in with the venue’s staff and play their part throughout the meal drawing attention to their purposely clumsy waiting skills. When dessert is served they break into song, blowing everyone’s minds with their unbelievable talent.
The singers have developed several setlists to fit your taste and wedding theme, here are some examples: Opera, Divas, Disney, ABBA, Swing, and much more.

Rhythm & Beats Drummers

Rhythm & Beats - The Audionetworks Drummers
This amazing troop is the perfect high impact entertainment, plus the routine can be tailored to fit the wedding stage that works best for you.
Once the meal is over, before the band starts, weddings tend to loose some of the party feeling as guests wander outside for a smoke or a drink.
The drummers start the act from outside the room, bringing everyone in with a potent perfectly choreographed drum performance combined with Irish dancing and audience interaction.
The troop is a real crowd-pleaser, setting the mood for the rest of the evening!

Irish Dancers

Traditional Irish Dancers - Audio Networks
We are proud to present you with this spectacular troop of Irish Dancers, they’ve been one of the most popular groups since 1995 Eurovision with the launch of the famous Irish Dance Show during the interval.
Their act is a wonderful addition to any wedding, giving it that traditional Irish feeling. The show is perfect to get the party started with a two part performance. Firstly the performers showcase their unbelievable dancing skills in a widely beloved show of music and dance skills, leaving the best for last with a finale interacting with the public by cheering them on to join in with some dance moves themselves!

Star Wars Wedding Package

Star Wars Wedding with Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper
If you are searching for something truly unique and unforgettable, give us a call so we can look into building up a Star Wars package to surprise that special someone or your guests.
We offer a variety of Star Wars characters that will attend your special day as an interval entertainment, their tasks can be as little as meet and greet to DJing or even walking you down the aisle.
Looking to have an unforgettable wedding day for both you and your guest? This is a guaranteed success!

Digital Fire

Digital Fire Art with Audio Networks
The fire crew is compiled of fully trained professional fire jugglers, contortionists, stilt walkers, aerial performers, and plenty more.

The great thing about the Digital Fire show is that is completely customizable to your wedding theme, you can include your own messages and initials to what is a magnificent show of technology fused with performative art. Plus it is completely safe indoors as no real fire is actually used!

Give us a call on 012013660 for some friendly advice on what might work best for you, they are fully trained professionals ready to help you organize the entertainment for this special date.