Top 12 Entertainment acts when Planning your next corporate event in Ireland
photo of irish times paper with digital fire performer from audionetworks

Is that time of the year again, the summer events are almost over and the planning starts for the Fall/Christmas Events. For this blog we've decided to give you a few options that would work for any corporate event. So, we would love to share some of our knowledge of the entertainment industry. Below, we've compiled a list of some of the most booked acts on our books for this year so you can keep up with trends.

These acts range from Drinks Reception / Cocktail musical acts, Party Bands & Covers Bands, Live Djing Acts and some amazing Unique Entertainment Options for any stage of your event.

Whether you are looking for a musical act or a high impact performance, or even a welcome act for your next event, this list can help you get the best entertainment to WOW everyone.

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Check out below the most sought after acts for corporate events on our books this year:

Blue Note Jazz Trio

A soulful sophisticated 3-piece option for a classic drinks reception. Featuring Emma Nicolai on vocals, Wayne Sheehy on drums and Profile International Piano player James Delaney.

Boombastic Brass Band

The Boombastic full brass band is not tied to the corner of the room, as the drummer can use a harness for performances which makes this act fully portable. This act is perfect to surprise your guests.

Storehouse Duo

Irish Traditional Music Duo It’s a two piece acoustic traditional Irish duo, compiled of two amazing trad musicians Graham Mills and Paul McCormack. They have over 20 years of experience, both in Ireland and abroad. This trad group is an amazing unique option for any wedding drinks reception or corporate intimate event. Their wide range of song choices covers everything from the 60’s to present day hits.

Havana Club Trio

The Havana Club trio is a versatile genuine latin band, perfect for any drinks reception or cocktail hour. Their acoustic setup is fully portable and the playlist is filled with crowd pleasers. The act is a full energetic experience of south American sounds.

The Firm

This 5-piece ensemble is one of the most booked cover bands in the Wedding and Events Industry in Ireland. Laura’s unforgettable voice paired with the bands amazing sound allows for a vast playlist of all time hits.


The 4-piece cover band promises to deliver an edgy sound to the all time favorite songs. The Kickbacks are a young trending party band with a repertoire that will please all age groups for an event or wedding.

Party at Back

The 80’s are here to stay, and with them all of the shoulder pads, baggy clothes, perfect harmonies, dramatic guitar solos and sick drums! Party at the back will deliver all this and much more, don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

Greeting Robots & Characters for Hire

From Exhibition, Dancing to Greeting Robots for all Corporate and Private events: Trooper, Vader, Robot TED, Bumblebee, Batman…The list is endless. If you are looking to really leave a lasting impression with the entertainment this is the option for your event.

No one can get away from the Star Wars fever, the latest trend is having a meet and greet of our Troopers. You can get them to greet your guests, or do a photoshoot.

Digital Fire Show

If you are not familiar yet with Digi Poi Art let me give you a  glimpse of what this can add to your event. Our jugglers are amazing professional entertainers, the act is completely customisable with images & logos and, its completely safe to have indoors. Whether you have them greeting the guests at the entrance or performing before with DJ, its guaranteed that everyone will be impressed.

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters are a proven success in any type of event, the act is fully customisable to your theme. Throughout the year the singers have developed a vast repertoire, also different types of acts, like: opera. Disney, Divas, ABBA, Christmas, Disco, Swing. The show consists of the singers to be dressed as part of the staff throughout the meal/ service and then at a previously agreed cue break into song with a dynamic, energetic and interactive show. The act is a high impact surprise experience that can adjust to any stage of your event, drinks reception, meal, buffet or even while the band is setting up.

Silent Disco

Beat the noise curfew with this futuristic entertainment option. You get all wireless headsets needed, a DJ to play your songs, and two playlists playing at the same time. Your guests can change music just by the touch of a button!

This is the best way to organise a corky silent dance party.

First of all, the obvious you won’t upset the venue if you want to stay a little bit later then the curfew. Second, you can have two types of music playing at the same time – crowd pleaser! Last but not least, you will get laugh seeing all the guests blindly singing out loud with headphones on.

Daft Punk Tribute

The Daft Punk Tribute is a 2-piece live DJ act compiled of professional DJ’s. Most of the year these guys are busy playing all around the globe but they will be rocking all the unique events back in Ireland.

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