The Ultimate Party Package

The Ultimate Party Package

Just fresh out of a productive office meeting with an exciting outcome, what was the goal of set meeting you might ask? The answer is: how to make it quick & easy to book entertainment for all the stages of your event, having budget friendly options as a plus.
Today, you will get to know the first package born out of this wonderfully collective exchange of ideas. In the next few days I will be releasing one-by-one all the packages available to book.

Keep in mind we are still here to help you get the best entertainment at the best price so please do give us a call!

Silent Disco

By now you’ve heard of silent disco parties for sure. This is the best way to organise a corky silent dance party.

First of all the obvious, you won’t upset the venue if you want to stay a little bit later then the curfew. Second, you can have two types of music playing at the same time – crowd pleaser! Last but not least, you will get laugh seeing all the guests blindly singing out loud with headphones on.

Silent Disco, Governors Ball


For this portion we guarantee only experience professional DJ’s.

We pride ourselves of having the best professional DJ’s on our rosters able to play all types of music. Plus, having a DJ/MC means that you have someone to make all the announcements over the microphone for you, helping your event run smoothly.

DJ Ideas from Audio Networks

Digital Fire Art

If you are not familiar yet with Digi Poi Art let me give you a glimpse of what this can add to your event. Our jugglers are amazing professional entertainers, the act is completely customisable with images & logos and, its completely safe to have indoors. Whether you have them greeting the guests at the entrance or performing before with DJ, its guaranteed that everyone will be impressed.

Digital Fire Art with Audio Networks

Storm Trooper Robots

No one can get away from the Star Wars fever, the latest trend is having a meet and greet of our Troopers. You can get them to greet your guests, or do a photo shoot.

Star Wars clad Star Troopers For Hire

For some friendly give Faye, Suzy or Sara a call on 01 2013660!