The Ultimate 80’s Party Bands

The Ultimate 80's Party Bands


The 80’s are back to stay, and we are so excited! The main choice when it comes to organising an eighties inspired event is the music for sure.  If we would have to describe this decade in three concepts it would be: big hairs, extreme fashion and amazing music!

If your goal is to keep everyone on the dance floor you have chosen the perfect genre of music.

It is very easy to theme a party to this Era as it has very strong features and it is rich in colour.

Check out below our best Bands that are totally into the 80’s vibe:

Party at the Back

Party at the Back are a young modern (but) genuine 80’s musical project compiled of some incredible professional musicians. The definition of this band easily portraits the decade itself: sick solos, great harmonies and questionable fashion.

The band is fully equipped to entertain at a big event with the 5-piece ensemble, nevertheless they also offer a smaller 3-piece option for a smaller venue – that rocks as hard as the bigger option!

Pop Goes the 80's

Pop Goes the 80's is compiled of well-seasoned musicians who decided to create a tribute band to properly honor the eighties music. The 4-piece band have prepared a well-rounded show that include an impressive light show along with themed projections!

Pop Goes The 80’S are all professional musicians boasting working with some of the 80’s greatest stars such as Crowed House, Bronski Beat, Scarlet Fantastic and Kraftwerk among others.

The Ultimate 80's Party Bands

Dead Ringer for the 80's

This band is the real deal, originally formed in the actual 80's! These guys have the experience to make your event a huge success.  Their 80’S hits show is 100% live and include hits from a large variety of artists, Queen, Prince, George Michael, Bon Jovi, Madness, Depeche Mode, Lionel Richie, Bowie, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, The Police, and many many more…&  Remember A Great Live Music show is guaranteed.