Singing Waiters Shows- The Best Surprise Wedding Entertainment
Singing Waiters Shows- The Best Surprise Wedding Entertainment
Congratulations on your engagement, now the real fun can begin! This is your chance to really make a statement with your choice of entertainment, so given that, why not go for the element of surprise! The Singing Waiters are always a hit with wedding guests, young and old alike! In recent years, we’ve seen a huge spike in their popularity, brides and grooms are surprising each other like never before. And why wouldn’t they, which such professional and dynamic singing waiters available!

If you’re looking to surprise your fiancee (and all your guests too) then check out the top videos of their stunning performances below!



The energy and interactive atmosphere they bring to your wedding party is second to none, and whats better, is that only those you let in on the secret will have any idea about the fun filled show about to unfold.

There are many superb twists to their performance, although we don’t like to give too much away. The Singing Waiter performances generally start with the musicians disguised as regular table waiting staff. After a while a set “incident” will happen and the performance will be revealed.

Here we have a highly skilled opera singing waiter doing a sound check in Dublin. Call us on 01 2013660 to book.

Posted by Singing Waiters Ireland on Monday, November 19, 2018

You can pick from one of their many setlists or even propose your own, ensuring that your entertainment is personally tailored to your wedding and individual style.

Not only are the waiters exceptionally musically gifted, but they are also masters at blending in to the crowd, until its their time to shine of course.

Diva Singing Waiters singing Proud Mary in Mayo

Amazing Diva Waiters get the vibe just right in Ashford Castle. The guests were delighted at the amount of fun going on in the room before the coffee even landed on the table! Call on 01 2013660 to book.

Posted by Singing Waiters Ireland on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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