Silent Disco – The new wedding entertainment trend for 2019

Planning a wedding is never easy, but the outcome is so rewarding you will forget all about the stressing days leading up to it. One big thing to have into consideration is the wedding music and entertainment, I’ve been looking into the hottest trends for 2019 and something that keeps popping everywhere is the Silent Disco. I’ve decided to look into this to give you all the info and why you should book it for your big day.

How it works – Silent Disco for weddings:

All you have to do is send an inquiry with the date, venue, and number of headsets required, Silent Disco Ireland will get back to you with a quote that includes:

  • Number of headsets required
  • Spare Batteries
  • Two Transmitters
  • A DJ for up to 3 hours (negotiable)
  • Delivery, collection and setup included.


Make it unique:

There are several elements of your wedding that you can use to make a statement: the dress, the venue, the food…however, the one that will stick with your guests is definitely the entertainment! Why not give them the experience of a Silent Disco? They can have two sets of music to choose from and you have the fun of looking at the videos of them singing with headphones on – it’s a win/win situation!
Silent Disco – The new wedding entertainment trend for 2019

Make it portable

A big plus with silent disco is you can take virtually anywhere, the kit is fully portable – no big speakers to carry around!Make your party more dynamic by taking your guests to a different location for a silent disco after curfew.

Silent Disco – The new wedding entertainment trend for 2019

Make it endless

Curfew? No curfew with a silent headphone disco, no noise restrictions at all! The kit is compiled of wireless headsets and two transmitters allowing you to have your music without disturbing the venue sound rules. The DJ will prepare two setlists and set up the gear so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Make it eclectic

Trying to please all your guests is so exhausting. The silent disco act will let you have two types of music playing at the same time, your guests will be able to change playlist with a click of a button on the side of their headset. For the quiet ones that need a break once in a while, they can just take the headsets off to have a little break.

Silent Disco – The new wedding entertainment trend for 2019

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