Silent Disco Party at Home Package
A quick blog on Silent headphone disco's

Silent Disco Party at Home Package?

Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, engagement, or even a retirement party, nothing brings a house party to the next level like quality entertainment.

If you’re looking to keep things a little more low-key this summer party season, a house party is a way to go. Not only is it more intimate and personal, but keeping things local can really help bring down the price from only €95 plus upwards you can’t beat Audionetworks or for quality service and low-cost deals.
It’s super simple to set up and you can even pop into our offices in bray to see how it all works and chat with the team about your music or wedding entertainment services you might require.
We’ve put together a list of our best and most impressive acts and musicians that could suit any budget and really help take your party at home to the next level.

What is a Silent Headphone Disco?

Basically, a Silent Disco Wedding Act is a wireless headphone party, where people get to choose between two playlists playing at the same time with the click of a button. Yes, it looks as crazy as it sounds & the videos you will make of your guests singing with headphones will be priceless!

Let’s go through the advantages of booking a Silent Disco Party at Home Package

Won’t Break the Bank!

With prices from €95 upwards….This package allows you to hire fairly less expensive entertainment than the traditional options out there in Ireland. The requirements are almost none, it is, however, important to book with a professional company as the equipment quality plays an important part in the success of your party.

Easy Setup DIY Style

It’s plug and Play ! The equipment is unbelievably easy to set up and it doesn’t take up lots of space, this makes it part perfect for a house party.

No Noise Restrictions

As there are no actual speakers blasting music, there are also NO noise restrictions! This is one of the main advantages as it gives you the chance to party with your guests until all hours of the morning in your own home.

Crowd Pleaser

As you are able to play two setlists at the same time, there no restraint with music genre. Everyone gets what music style they want by the click of a button on their headsets!

Do I need to hire a DJ with the Kit?

The simple answer is no, you don’t need a DJ. You can hire just the equipment, prepare the playlists yourself or use Spotify. We will give you easy instructions on how to assemble the kit, afterwards, you just need to press play & enjoy your night!


What equipment is required if I don’t book a DJ with the Silent Disco kit?

If you book the Home Kit you will have to provide two outputs of music like a smartphone, mp3 player, or laptop so you can connect it to the transmitters with your chosen playlists. All cables necessary are included in the kit.

What do I get if I book a Silent Disco for my Party?

If you book the silent disco kit you get:

  • Two transmitters
  • Spare batteries
  • The required number of headsets
  • All cables needed to plug into your laptop or iPhone

How do I book a Silent Disco?

The easy and fast solution is to contact us at 01-2013660 or email [email protected], providing the number of headsets needed, the date & venue location. Our team of experts will guide you through the booking process with no hassle!

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