Planning The Perfect Christmas Party with Audio Networks

Planning The Perfect Christmas Party with Audio Networks

Do’s and Don’ts

It is that time of the year again - trying to plan your company’s Christmas party is not an easy task. Whether you have a big or a small team, keeping everyone happy is a complicated endeavour.
Here in the office it's no different, we are starting to plan for this year's winter bash.

So while its fresh in my brain I will leave you with some pointers:

1. Always try to book before the big Christmas rush!

If you book before September you can avoid disappointment and ensure first pick on the perfect venue, but most importantly entertainment act. Also, costs tend to be significantly better if you book with enough time to shop around.
So, contact our office elves today and start planning your unique event 🙂 - simply click here:

Christmas Entertainment ideas from Audionetworks

2. Timings and dates!

Always make sure that all participants are available on your preferred day, you can even create a memo with a poll of some possible dates. Once you have marked the calendar, do send a 'save the date' via internal email. The timings on the day are just as important as you don’t want people drinking too much before the food, or leaving before the main band.

3. Venue location!

This might seem obvious yet often viewed of secondary importance, but location is key to assure also your guests' comfort and minimum travel time, as well as expense. Most colleagues will not want to drive on this occasion in order to enjoy a drink and to relax following a productive year in the office, therefore a central location with easy access is a must. Not to mention the quality of the facilities, also a proper dance floor won’t kill anyone! 😉

Robot Fun this Christmas

4. Christmas Nibbles!

Whether you choose finger food or a 4 course meal, it is important to take into consideration that the food has to please a lot of different tastes. Most venues will have pre-set menus for this time of the year, make sure you check the menu and see if they have any vegetarian/vegan options so no one is left out. The venue should be informed at least one week prior to the event of food allergies to avoid any major disasters.

5. Entertainment!

This is a big part of any event and here at Audio Networks (maybe a little biased) we believe it to be make or break a party. The right band or performer brings with importance, especially if you are trying to reward your employees for a year of productivity. It might seem an impossible task to please everyone, but we have on our roster an eclectic variety of funky acts for every stage of the day & night. The pièce de résistance is the main band (after the meal), as it sets the mood for the after party. A good party band should be compiled of professional musicians and have a playlist that can please all ages and tastes. If you have the budget for it, hiring some unique acts for the drinks reception or during the meal is also an ingredient for success.

Christmas Diva Waiters in Ireland
Silent Disco at the EIA 2018
Digital Fire Art with Audio Networks
Party at the Back *Promo Video*

Check out below my personal favourites for unique Christmas entertainment:

Simply click on the acts above to view their videos.

Planning The Perfect Christmas Party with Audio Networks