Our top picks to wow your wedding guests in 2019
What makes weddings so unique, (and sometimes stressful for those planning them) is that you’ll have all sorts of guests from all walks of life, and each with their own taste in music. So picking a music style is no easy feat, especially when you have to try and factor in the varying tastes. So we’ve compiled a list of our all time favorites, no matter the audience, that are still proving to be trend setters in 2019 for wedding entertainment.


Hits of Yester-year

Funked Up BandNo one is quite sure what has inspired this particular trend in wedding entertainment – maybe millennial are more nostalgic and sentimental than anyone thought! But whatever the reason, there no denying the return on popularity of 80s,90s and 00s tunes!

And for those of you planning your wedding, it means only one thing – you need a well proven and highly versatile cover band!
Whether you’re a Backstreet Boys fanatic or a Whitney Houston floor filling diva, you’ll want to find a band who can do justice to all your favorite throwbacks! Check out my top picks here..

DJ & Live Sax combo

If a tSax and DJ Corporate entertainment musicraditional wedding band isn’t quite up your street, then this quirky combo might just be for you! The unique fusion of brass and electro music will bring any dance floor to life as your guests are  blown away by this high energy combination.
The Specialist DJ will play a mix of your chosen genre, anything from deep house to dance classics to chart hits, and everything in-between! The cool and swanky sax player will then play alongside the DJ, bringing each track to life in a rare and extraordinary way!
Check out these videos to get an even better idea as to why these eccentric duos are proving so popular in 2019!

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