Marvelous NEW Singing Waiter Shows

Marvelous NEW Singing Waiter Shows

The summer is here and with the change in season comes a craving for something a little more uplifting and different, so please spice up your party, excite your guests and invite the sunshine to your next party, may it be your wedding or a big corporate event – our beautiful, vibrant and classy singing waiters will bring with them a very special feel to the day indeed.

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We of course still are happy to provide you with the sophisticated opera-style singing waiters, however wanted to be able to extend our popular show concepts to make your party experience a personalized one!

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Here our six Marvelous BRAND NEW Singing Waiter Shows to transform your event into an extraordinary bash!


The Abba Singing Waiters

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From Waterloo to Dancing Queen, The music of Abba is timeless and likely every single guest at your party will be able to sing along and relive a fond memory or two during our dynamic ABBA Singing Waiters performance!
As desert is served, hit after hit of super sounds will be performed live by real professionals who interact and know how to get the crowd into the right swing. –


Diva Singing Waiters

Divas with Soul – and that describes the act in three simple words perfectly!
Amaze and thrill your guests as soon as the coffees are served with all time favourites such as hits from Aretha Franklin & the brilliant Tina Turner. Your guests will have never before experienced this extraordinary level of excitement before the actual main party atmosphere takes the crowd to a different level. The Diva Singers are truly skillful artists and know exactly how to interact with a crowd of all ages, hence why the girls are so good at what they do. Well, if you don’t take their waiting skills into account ;. –

Ireland's leading Diva Singing Waiters at the Powerscourt Hotel


The “Swinging” Waiters

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Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of the timeless Swing and Rat Pack sounds at a party. As soon as the first melody is played and word sung, your guests will be swinging to the tunes performed by our stylish Singing Waiters. It really doesn’t matter what the event is this “swinging”-style act is instantly recognizable and will undoubtedly go down a real surprise treat for all of your guests. Set a sophisticated atmosphere at your wedding or corporate get together with our one-of-a-kind


Disco Singing Waiters

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There is nothing more uplifting and enjoyable then a little bit of the contagious disco feel at a party!! And with our glamorous Disco Waiters, you’ll be able to provide your guests with that sparkly disco touch and add pizzazz to the afternoon. You’ll be entertained with delightful 70s party anthems including the legendary ‘Staying Alive’ and ‘Le Freak’. For people who just can’t get enough of the “four-four” beat and the retro sounds of yesterday this disco-inspired waiters act is simply perfect and will surely make an impact at every wedding or private party.


Rock Star Waiters

The folk of Ireland is known to love a bit of Rock Music, this country has after all produced some of the finest rock musicians in the world such as Thin Lizzy, Aslan, and U2. As children we danced around to our parents LPs spinning the rock songs we grew up with and are still very much alive and popular today at any party you’ll attend. So why not bring your own rock-legends to your dinner party with our Rock Star Waiters show and transform your audience to a crowd with amazed and smiling faces. This show can be tailored to suit you and your attendees and of course, the setlist can be adapted to your preferences also.
Incorporate a rocking violinist to truly astound your guests with a superb musical pre-party entertainment act.

Incognito Waiters and Singing Chef

How about mixing it up a bit and hire our slightly barmy singing chef. This opera-style concept delivers a show which will cover all the favorite songs you know and love with a smartly added comedy element, making this a wonderful light-hearted entertainment act with yet sublime vocals to accompany the humor. The skillset and talent of our professional singers is truly outstanding and not to be underestimated.
We are proud to find on our roster an exalted selection of the finest singers available not only in Ireland but the whole of Europe.

Opera Singing Waiters - how it works


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