Has Covid-19 affected your 2020 wedding plans?
Has Covid 19 affected your 2020 wedding plans

Has Covid-19 affected your 2020 wedding plans?

This is a strange time, full of uncertainty and confusion for all of us. The last thing anyone wants to do is change the date of their wedding. After putting months or maybe even years into the planning and organizing of all the various elements of your special day, it can seem a little bit scary having to start from scratch.
However, with a little bit of preparation, and help from our wedding entertainment bookers, it can be a very straightforward transition to move your musical entertainment to your new date. You booked your wedding entertainment through Audionetworks, because you trust us, so let us guide you through the process from start to finish.
Should you postpone your wedding? If your wedding is outside the next 12 weeks, for now, we would suggest that you hold off and wait another few days or so.
We don’t know what is ahead yet, and if you act too soon, we could end up postponing everything unnecessarily.
We are working with couples whose weddings are within 12 weeks, to make sure we can help them move their wedding to a new date.
Trust our expertise so we can help you find a new date and start planning your wedding entertainment again.

If your wedding is after 12 weeks, I would suggest getting a plan B just in case your venue will be able to check available dates
And we can also check that your band is available for your plan B and can keep the date on hold for you so you feel at ease.
Remember too, even if your original band isn’t available, we have a huge amount of professional and experienced artists and bands. We’ll help find a new band that works for your special day, if needs be,
The most important thing is to remain positive. We can’t change the current situation but we can support you and help with your music and entertainment as much as possible.
Our trusted wedding entertainment bookers are here to answer any questions and help in whatever way they can.

Below you can find videos of some of our most popular Wedding Bands: