How to choose the perfect wedding entertainment for your big day!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your engagement! Now to daunting task of planning your wedding day: we all know entertainment it’s a big part of your wedding party.

The ceremony should be as intimate and personalized as possible so its unforgettable and truly conveys who you are as a couple. The Drinks reception should be entertaining enough without overpowering your guest mingling with each other to set the right mood for the day. The main band should keep your guest dancing all night and the DJ has to know how to read a crowd to keep your loved ones on the dancefloor.


Said that, what is the perfect combination? How do you choose the entertainment on a budget?


We’ve compiled some entertainment recommendations with some friendly advice on how to book it:

Ceremony and Drinks Reception:

Make sure to book the entertainment that means something to you as a couple, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense to some of your guests. If you want to walk up the aisle to Let it go (Frozen) you should, because this part of the day is all about you.

Storehouse Duo

This is an incredible genuine trad duo with two decades of experience, they work perfectly for both ceremony and drinks reception.

Jazzy Duo

The jazz soulful sound of this 2-piece ensemble will create a magical intimate at your wedding. Check out the amazing pipes on Raimonda and Eamonn’s mastery on the guitar.

Havana Club Trio

This latin trio can also be downsized to a two piece or enlarged for higher impact to a 4 piece. They have the ability to go full acoustic for a roaming band experience.

Molly Maguires Trio

The trad trio will provide you with the perfect original Irish feeling while keeping your guests entertained. Their playlist covers everything from trad to modern.

Blue note Jazz Trio

For a higher impact Jazz sound, this trio is the right choice. They will bring a feeling of sophistication with masterful music skills.


Main evening band:

Do not forget, the main evening can make or break both your party and your budget! Do the research and book the band that will keep your loved ones remembering this day for years to come.

The Firm

Absolutely unforgettable is what you may say about Laura’s voice. Of course, she is backed up by some of the most skilful musicians this industry has to offer. This band will go the extra mile to make your day extra special!

Jungle Boogie

Compiled of experience professional musicians, there’s no going wrong with this incredible 4 piece. Besides their vast playlist, they also offer a possibility of learning new songs that mean something to you as a couple.

The Kickbacks

This a band that will spin any hit song to add that extra edgy sound that you are looking for. They offer unforgettable vocals paired up with Sarah’s sick guitar solos! Don’t miss them every Tuesday playing at the Mezz.

The Midnight Revellers

You love trad music but want a mix of modern too? No problem, the Midnight revellers are a versatile 3 piece (that can also be booked as 4 piece). They will play anything from trad to modern! Click the link to see their amazing playlist.



This is for the true rocking couple! No words could describe this band’s energy on stage, they will make your guests have sour throats the next from all the singing. Don’t let yourself be fooled by their edgy look, they will play just about anything!

Party at the Back

The 80’s are here to stay, and with them all of the shoulder pads, baggy clothes, perfect harmonies, dramatic guitar solos and sick drums! Party at the back will deliver all this and much more, don’t believe me? Check for yourself.


Whitewater Band

If you are looking for an ensemble of professional musicians with a proven track this is the band for your wedding day. They will anything from main music to DJ as a package, you won’t be let down by these musicians.


Twisted Hits

A 5 piece band on a budget? Yes, due to the fact that they have both female and male vocals their repertoire is bigger than most bands. They put a funky twist into your all time favorites!

Unique Dj acts:

End the night with a bang! Hire some of the trending Dj acts of the moment, make sure that your guests won't want to leave.

Silent Disco

What noise curfew? Beat the noise curfew with this futuristic entertainment option. You get all wireless headsets needed, a DJ to play your songs, and two playlists playing at the same time. Your guests can change music just by the touch of a button!

Daft Punk Tribute

For the true Daft Punk fans this a 2 piece live DJ act compiled of professional DJ’s. Most of the year these guys are busy playing all around the globe but they will be rocking all the unique weddings back in Ireland.

Sax & DJ

This Duo is absolutely amazing. It’s a high energy mix of DJ passion fused with a talented saxophone player that delivers to your guests a unique experience.

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